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Tiramisu berry recipe

Tiramisu berry recipe

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Tiramisu berry recipe

The yolks are mixed with the sugar, until a thick foam is obtained and all the sugar has melted. I added two more spoons of milk and the sugar melted more easily. We also add the starch.

Heat the milk and add the two tablespoons of ness coffee. Cover the bowl and leave for a few minutes. Then pour a little over the yolk cream, stirring further. Transfer back to the bowl and place on a steam bath until thicken. Mix with a wooden spoon.

Let it cool. Meanwhile, mix the whipped cream. Separately mix the Mascarpone cream. When the yolk cream has cooled, mix it with the Mascarpone cream and whipped cream.

Because I didn't want to overdo it with coffee, I soaked the biscuits in berry syrup. I also liked the resulting color.

The biscuits are passed very little through the syrup so as not to soften too much.

Place a row of biscuits, then cream and continue the same.

I garnished it with pieces of snickers and berries.

Good appetite!!!

How to prepare tiramisu with strawberries, yogurt and cold mascarpone & # 8211

NOTE: all components were cold, from the refrigerator (both strawberries and yogurt and mascarpone).

I used frozen strawberries because we are not in season yet and the fresh ones do not have much taste and aroma. I let the strawberries thaw in the refrigerator, then I placed them (with the juice left) in the bowl of the mixer together with the powdered sugar and the core of a vanilla bean. I mixed with the normal palette (I didn't want to crush them completely, that's why I didn't put them in the blender). I poured the yogurt over the crushed strawberries and mixed a little more.

I transferred the mixture to another large bowl, releasing the mixer bowl. You don't have to wash! I put the mascarpone in the empty bowl and mixed it for 1-2 minutes, until it became creamy. I put the mixer on low speed and I started to gradually pour from the previously made mix (from strawberries and yogurt). Attention, you can cut the composition! If we gradually add part 1 over the mascarpone, nothing bad will happen.

Slowly, slowly I incorporated all part 1 into the mascarpone. Cream is a fluid. I tasted it to see if it's pretty sweet. I liked it that way. If you want you can now complete with 1-2 tablespoons of powdered sugar or as much as you want (depending on how sour or sweet the strawberries are).

Do not be afraid that this cream is flowing because all the excess liquid will be absorbed by the biscuits.

Tiramisu with berries

On the weekend I chose to make a quick tiramisu and I used mascarpone, cream cheese, berries and biscuits soaked in green tea with pomegranate.

I know. The biscuits soaked in green tea are not at all close to the classic tiramisu recipe, but I promise you that it is the most delicious and creamy dessert you will eat. I used the assortment of green tea with pomegranate from 5 O`Clock Tea.

Bonus: it's not very sweet ✨

Bonus 2: green tea with pomegranate gave the biscuits a super fresh aroma ✨

To give your dessert that something to be good enough to post on Instagram, what would you say if you put the ingredients in a clear glass? I put them in a martini glass and it came out really chic!

IMPORTANT: from the quantities below, two martini glasses filled with tiramisu and two 20 x 15 cm pots came out. You can adjust the quantities according to your containers

Ingredients cake with berries and lemon

  • 4 large eggs (60 grams / piece)
  • 200 grams of caster sugar
  • 100 ml. oil
  • 120 ml. lemon juice (from 2 lemons & # 8211 if you have less juice, add a few teaspoons of cold water, if more, keep aside for icing)
  • grated peel, only the yellow part on the surface, from 2 lemons
  • 200 grams of fresh or frozen berries & # 8211 I only used blackberries, they can also be used in a mixture or only raspberries etc.
  • 300 grams of flour
  • 5 grams of baking powder (½ sachet)
  • 6 grams of salt (1 generous powder)
  • 2 tablespoons vanilla extract (or 1-2 sachets of vanilla sugar)
  • 50-60 grams of flour for sprinkling fruit

lemon glaze (optional)

How to prepare cake with berries and lemon

Check form

For this berry cake, I used a shape with dimensions of 26 * 11 * 8 cm, which I lined with baking paper greased with solid butter. It is not necessary to grease the baking paper with butter, but it gives a better taste to the fine crust of the cake. As well, the form can be greased with a and wallpaper with flour.

After preparing the form, turn on the oven and set it at 180 ° C.

Preparing the composition for the cake

1. Separate the eggs, collecting the egg yolks separately. Add ½ of caster sugar, grated lemon peel and vanilla over the yolks. We mix with the mixer at high speed until they increase a lot in volume and the composition opens well in color. Add the oil in a thin thread, mixing with the mixer at low-medium speed, until the oil is completely incorporated.

2. Gradually add the lemon juice. Mix at low speed until smooth with the yolk composition, which will become much more fluid.

3. In a bowl, mix the flour well with the baking powder and add the dry ingredients over the yolk composition.

4. Incorporate the flour into the basic composition with the mixer, at minimum speed. We mix only strictly as necessary for the dry ingredients to be homogenized. Mixing too much, we will help gluten to create a network, which will give an elastic consistency, bread, to our product, and we, remember, make a cake with berries.

5. Immediately, whisk the egg whites with the salt. When the foam forms, add the remaining sugar gradually and beat until it dissolves. Add ¹⁄3 of the amount of egg white foam over the basic composition and mix briefly with the mixer.

6. Add the rest of the egg white foam and mix the two compositions with a flexible spatula, with gentle movements, raising the composition from the bottom of the bowl to the surface and rotating the bowl a little.

Preparation of berries

Having already prepared the composition for the cake, we must work as soon as possible with the berries, so as not to leave the egg white foam. As I have already said, my berries were blackberries, freshly picked from the unique and extremely prolific blackberry bush in our small garden.

And not only does it make them big, but it also makes them huge, this bush of ours!

Being so large, I cut the blackberries into 2-3 pieces, then I put them in a bowl and added over them 50-60 grams of flour. I shook the bowl until the blackberries were completely covered in flour.

Incorporation of berries in the composition of the cake

Add the berries coated in flour in the composition of the cake and incorporate them easily, with delicate movements. Be careful not to overturn the bowl of fruit over the cake composition, but sprinkle them with your hand, so as not to put the excess flour, which remains on the bottom of the bowl.


As soon as the blackberries have been incorporated, we pour the composition in the form of a cake prepared from the beginning.

Bake our berry cake in the preheated oven at 180 ° C, at an average height, for 30 minutes. Then reduce the temperature to 170 ° C and continue baking until a clean toothpick stuck in the middle of the cake comes out clean, with no traces of dough. For me, it took 1 hour of baking.

Carefully remove the cake from the form and place it on one side on a special grill for cooling cakes. Turn it on the opposite side after only 3-4 minutes, during which time we prepare the lemon glaze (optional).

Finishing and serving cake with berries and lemon

For the icing, simply mix the powdered sugar with a few tablespoons of lemon juice, added one at a time, until you get a thicker pancake batter composition. Place the cake in its natural position, on the cake rack, and under it put a tray or at least a foil, on which to flow the excess icing. While the cake is still hot, pour the icing with a spoon on top of the cake, smoothing it with the back of the spoon.

The icing will dry quickly, not containing much liquid and the cake will be warm. In the end, it will look like in the picture below. Obviously, it is possible without icing, in which case the cake is allowed to cool well and served, possibly powdered with a little powdered sugar.

Before cutting it, let this cake with berries and lemon cool well. It will not be easy, because in the house it will smell like heaven. As a remedy for devastating cravings, I recommend 1-2 glasses of plain water.

It goes for coffee but it also works, simply because it can't be more delicious.

Tiramisu with berries

Because everyone praised my "creation", I pass it on. It is a tiramisu cake with berries, refreshing and very, very, very tasty. It's so simple to make that it's impossible not to go out, in addition it doesn't even take long, what's more, it's the ideal dessert. In fact, let's be serious, tiramisu means biscuits, mascarpone, sugar, eggs and then you let your imagination fly: coffee and cocoa (yummy, I did it twice), berries, exotic fruits or whatever chef.

Whisk the egg whites, together with the salt powder and 100 grams of sugar. Mix the yolks with 50 g of sugar, then add mascarpone and vanilla essence and mix well until smooth. Easily incorporate the egg whites into the mascarpone cream. Because blueberries and raspberries are sour, I mixed the fruit with two tablespoons of sugar. The fruit should be divided into 2 larger parts, for the first and second layer, and a smaller one, for the last layer.

The edges of the cake tray are covered with biscuits (cut with a knife the end that will sit on the bottom of the tray) then the bottom of the tray is wallpapered with biscuits (covered with pieces of biscuits where there are smaller spaces).

Syrup the biscuits with the cherry syrup that you pour with a teaspoon (I prefer this option, if you soak each biscuit directly in the syrup you risk it coming out too soft and the first state is preferable to stay a little stronger). Pour a third of the mascarpone composition, then cover the cream with cherries, raspberries and blueberries. Put the second layer of biscuits, syrup with cherry syrup, pour the cream, cover again with fruit. Next is the third layer of biscuits which is then syruped, depending on how you want the cake to look, you can put the remaining mascarpone cream first and then the fruit, or first the fruit (less than in the first two layers), then the mascarpone cream which you have to cover them, then you can decorate the cake. I chose the second option because I made a tiramisu cake for a loved one's birthday, and I played with a little grated chocolate and a few raspberry and blueberry beans that I wrote at my birthday.

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Tiramisu is an Italian dessert that became famous in the 60's. Its origins are disputed between the regions of Tuscany, Piedmont, Friuli Venezia Giulia and Veneto and the time of its "birth" is unknown. It is speculated that it appeared in the 17th century in Siena but it is not very clear. This "Cold dessert" it has become very popular because it is very tasty, refreshing and cooks quickly and without fire (cold).

The cream has nothing to look for in an authentic Tiramisu (especially the vegetable one!) And the biscuits are not syruped with instant cocoa with milk but with real coffee. For hypertensives or children, decaffeinated coffee can be used. The quality of the ingredients is very important: mascarpone should be natural (not the other way around but there are also imitations), the coffee should be strong, real, aromatic, prepared correctly and the eggs should be fresh.

Most of the discussion is about using raw eggs but you don't have to worry if they are fresh. Classic mayonnaise is also made with raw eggs (see here). I don't know if you remember that in the childhood of the '70s and' 80s we used to make instant dessert "in a cup" of raw egg yolks rubbed with sugar. How good that cream was!

For this reason, I will leave you below recipes for Tiramisu with eggs cooked on steam or completely without eggs.

Tiramisu with fruit, and for children. Ready in 15 minutes VIDEO

I love tiramisu. The original, not necessarily fruit tiramisu. But in any case, I would not have given Mogâlde to alcohol or coffee. And the man doesn't like coffee. Yes, there are people who can't stand coffee. He is one of them. It can't even stand the smell, and I love coffee especially for the smell.

Okay, so I wanted tiramisu, but no coffee and no alcohol. And without raw eggs. I wouldn't have abused cocoa either. I basically wanted a tiramisu that wasn't exactly tiramisu. And I came across a video on Youtube that showed exactly the recipe I needed: tiramisu with fruit. A tiramisu, which was not tiramisu, but a cake with fruit and mascarpone.

Perfect, I thought. It has biscuits, it has mascarpone, so I will like it, it has red fruits, so Mogâldeța will like it. And for Him, any sweet that doesn't have coffee is just right. Solved!

Before I list the ingredients for this recipe, I want to tell you that it is a recipe that can be adapted. I also did it depending on what I had around the house. I mean, instead of sweet cream for cream, I also put normal cream. I also made it with mascarpone and a small teaspoon of salt. I also changed the fruit, I only made it with strawberries, I put raspberries and cherries instead of raspberries. So we can juggle the ingredients to our heart's content, we liked it in all its variants.

Tiramisu with fruits, ingredients. I used it like this:

  • 500 g of strawberries
  • 500 g of raspberries (they are very good fresh, but it is also made with frozen fruit)
  • 500 grams of mascarpone
  • 200 g of sweet cream for whipped cream
  • 2 tablespoons plain cream
  • about 30 cookies
  • 1 vanilla stick (I prefer it instead of essence, but you can also add essence)
  • 1 large orange
  • 4 tablespoons brown sugar powder or honey (here the amount depends on taste, I am stingy with sugar)

Tirsamisu with fruit: how to prepare:

I put the fruits in a bowl, and over them I added the orange juice and a tablespoon of sugar (or honey). I stirred lightly so as not to crush them. And I left them like that until I prepared the rest.

Over the mascarpone I put the sugar (the other three tablespoons) and both kinds of cream. In the video recipe he said to put a pinch of salt, I preferred two tablespoons of normal cream which is slightly salty. I mixed them well until I got a homogeneous paste. You can taste it and you will know whether or not you want more sugar, taking into account the fact that the fruits are slightly sour. I told you, I opt for less sugar than might be the case.

Then, in a cake form (but they can also be placed on a normal plate with a little care), which I did not cover with paper as shown in the video, because I did not see the point, I put the biscuits. I broke them into pieces and put the first layer of biscuits. Then I put a layer of fruit taken from the bowl with the syrup on which it was collected, so the biscuits are syruped. I tore the strawberries that were bigger in two to make them fit better. Then a layer of mascarpone cream, again a layer of biscuits, again fruit, again mascarpone. At the end I put some fruit on top, over which I sprinkled a teaspoon of coconut. Just for the sake of appearance. This is all. Very easy to make and delicious.

Tiramisu cake with berries

Today the blog celebrates 3 years, and I will celebrate this occasion with the cake I prepared this Christmas, a tiramisu cake with berries.

Tiramisu cakes are very easy to prepare, and anyone can make one. For example, I made about 5 tiramisu cakes for the winter holidays, because they were ready in 30-45 minutes and could be served in the evening if they were made in the morning, and as my time allotted for cooking is quite diminished with the arrival of our baby, I chose the simplest version of cake / cake for this year.

Tiramisu with berries, by the glass

Tiramisu is a tasty dessert that is easy to make. Along with cheesecake, it is one of the most popular non-baked desserts that you can prepare for a special occasion, or simply, when you feel like something sweet.

Apart from the classic version, in the form of a cake, in a tray, tiramisu can also be served by the glass, in a lot of delicious shapes and combinations. Today we offer you a variant of tiramisu in a glass of berries. A spectacular dessert, & icircn layers, with which you will impress even the most demanding guests.

  • 500 g mascarpone
  • 4 eggs
  • 150 g sugar
  • 1/2 teaspoon vanilla essence
  • 1 packet of biscuits
  • 2 cups of espresso
  • 350 g fresh or frozen berries
  • cocoa or chocolate for decoration

For starters, we'll take care of the cream. Separate the eggs and beat the egg whites with a pinch of salt. Separately, mix the yolks with the sugar and vanilla, until they lightly brown. Pour the yolk cream over the egg whites and mix enough to incorporate, at low speed, so as not to lose the aerated texture.

Add the mascarpone cheese and mix just enough to incorporate, then put the cream in the fridge.

To assemble the dessert, you can choose the classic version or you can chop the biscuits, if they don't fit in your glass / cup. Soak the biscuits in the coffee, then grind them by hand or with a fork.

Put a layer of biscuits, a layer of mascarpone cream and a layer of berries in glasses. Continue with one layer of each until you fill the forms.

Garnish with grated cocoa or dark chocolate. Refrigerate the desserts for two hours before serving. Good appetite!

We make a top of crushed biscuits and mixed with melted butter. Put it in detachable form and put it in the oven (for those who want more crunchy) for 10 minutes (or leave it so lightly soft, without being put in the oven). Remove and leave to cool.

Whip the liquid cream. Beat the vanilla sugar separately with the brown sugar (I ground it (powder) so that it melts faster, that's what I do with all cakes) with mascarpone cheese. The cream will come out easily. if you do not want the beige look of brown sugar, replace white sugar. Then add the whipped cream. A fairly consistent and fluffy mixture is obtained.
Then place all the cream mixture above and level. Put the berries on top. The syrup that left the berries to thaw or if not, a few tablespoons of water or fruit compote, is put on the fire together with a sachet of gelatin and according to the instructions on the package I made this jelly which I poured into warm thread over the already decorated fruit.
. Let it cool for a few hours and only after that, remove the detachable ring from the form.
It is easy and it is without baking!

Tiramisu with berries (without eggs)

For the cream, beat the whipped cream, gradually add 3 tablespoons of sugar and mix well, then add the mascarpone.

Put a little cream on a rectangular plate then soak the biscuits on one side and the other in compote juice and place them next to each other (6 biscuits). Then we put about half the cream, again a layer of biscuits (also 6), cream and the last layer of biscuits (6 pieces). Put a little cream on top.

Let cool and make the berry sauce. Ideally, use fresh, but if you don't, go with frozen fruit. I had raspberries, blueberries and a few blackberries (own production, that is from my mother :)). Put the fruit in a saucepan, add 3 tablespoons of sugar and let it simmer. I mixed very little so as not to crush the fruit. Set the syrup aside and let it cool. Put the syrup with a spoon over the tiramisu.

Let it cool for another hour and then serve.

I received a picture from Bogdan with the tiramisu he made. You can find it here.

For daily recipe recommendations, you can also find me on the Facebook page, on Youtube, on Pinterest and on Instagram. I invite you to like, subscribe and follow. Also, the group Let's cook with Amalia is waiting for you for exchanges of recipes and experiences in the kitchen.


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