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Oh Yeah! Kool-Aid Releases Variety with 50 Percent Less Sugar Than Soda

Oh Yeah! Kool-Aid Releases Variety with 50 Percent Less Sugar Than Soda

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Kool-Aid Easy Mix concentrate is a new diet Kool-Aid that offers way less sugar than regular brands

Even Kool-Aid is easing up on the added sugar.

Remember Kool-Aid, the super-sweet cherry drink that your mom would never buy because it would give you a sugar high? Well, now the Kool-Aid man is jumping on the low-sugar bandwagon and introducing a variety with 11 grams of sugar. Kool-Aid Easy Mix comes in 18-ounch containers of cherry, grape, and tropical punch.

“Our loyal fans told us that they were seeking an easy-to-make product that would offer less sugar than leading regular sodas and still be available at a great value,” said Dennis Wu, senior brand manager at Kool-Aid. “Now families can easily enjoy the fun, fruity taste of Kool-Aid by the glass or prepared by the pitcher — made fresh every time.”

Kool-Aid isn’t the first soft drink company to offer new varieties with less sugar. Coke and Pepsi also released new soft drink varieties with less sugar (Pepsi True and Coke Life go one step further and use raw cane sugar). These changes can all be traced back to Big Soda’s promise to cut back on calories in sugary drinks.

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