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Roast pork slice steak

Roast pork slice steak

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I seasoned the meat with salt, pepper and paprika and left it cold until the next day.

The next day I fried the meat in a pan on both sides, without pricking it with a fork, I turned it with a wooden spoon.

I then transferred it to a ceramic bowl, made a mixture of mustard, oil, paprika, ginger powder and crushed garlic.

I greased the meat with this mixture.

I put sliced ​​onions and sliced ​​carrots over meat, wine, orange juice, a little water and rosemary.

I covered it with foil and left it in the oven for an hour. Towards the end, take out the foil and let it brown nicely. I sprinkled liquid from time to time so that it doesn't burn.

I served it with mashed potatoes and cabbage dies.

You need to know this! Complete guide to beef, pork and lamb!

Team Bucă gives you a complete guide to sorting beef, pork and lamb, so you can easily choose the pieces of meat depending on the recipe you want to cook.

Thanks to this guide you will know how the animal can be sliced, the components and the dishes that can be prepared from them. We wish you delicious and varied culinary experiences!

1. Throat. It is used in the preparation of soups and fillings.

2. Back. It is used in the preparation of soups, roasts and goulash.

3. Antricot. The ribs are used in the preparation of soups, and the meat - steak.

4. Sparrow. Beef steak - whole piece (roast beef) or steak in thin pieces, and thin strips of sparrow are used in soups, goulash, roasts.

5. Muscles. Steak, rib muscles - soups, stews.

6 - 7. Pulp. Stewed and boiled meat, roasts, schnitzels, soups, soups, inside - beef stroganoff.

8. Chest head. Transparent soups and broths, without ribs - roasts and steaks.

9. Chest - you can boil, salt and smoke.

10. Meatballs - stuffing (minced meat).

11 - 12. Front brush and back brush - both sides can be suppressed.

1. Back - steak, stewed meat, minced meat for roasts, soups, broths.

Perfect little tricks every time

  • Use fresh and quality meat
  • Be sure to keep the little ones at room temperature for 30 minutes before cooking
  • The embers are perfect when the coals have been covered with a layer of ash
  • Be careful that the grill does not ignite
  • Turn them on the grill three times and when you think they are done, try one to see if it is cooked inside.
  • Sprinkle the embers with water if the small fat ignites the flames. Let the little ones bake long enough
  • The mitites are put on the grill at the end, after the pork and chicken, but before the vegetables
  • Use beef broth to form the little ones, if you make them at home
  • Head to a good butcher shop if you want to buy small
  • Be sure to use enough fat for the little paste
  • Grease the little ones with oil so that they don't stick to the grill.

You can serve mititeii with spring salads delicious

Stuffed pork leg

ingredients: 1 kg pork leg, 100 g pressed ham, 50 g cheese, paprika, 1 donut vinegar, dill, parsley, 100 ml oil, 2 onions, salt, pepper.

Preparation: Cut the pork leg into five slices, cut a pocket in the middle for each slice of meat and then salt and pepper to taste. Cut the ham into cubes and mix with the grated cheese, paprika, salt, pepper, strips of donuts, finely chopped onion, green parsley and dill. This composition fills the pockets of each slice of meat, which are caught with toothpicks so that they do not fall apart. Heat oil in a pan and fry the slices of meat on all sides. Cover with a lid and simmer for another 20 minutes. It can be served with a garnish of natural potatoes, rice, etc. (Stavrofora Hristofora Rusu)

Pork steak with thyme and garlic


  • 1 kg pork leg
  • 250 gr smoked ham
  • salt and pepper
  • sweet and smoked paprika
  • 5-6 cloves of garlic
  • 3 small sprigs of dried thyme
  • 3 tablespoons oil


First we slice the meat for pork steak with thyme and garlic in coarse slices. We beat them lightly with the hammer of schnitzels and prick them from place to place with a spike.

Sprinkle with salt, pepper and a little paprika and cover the meat with a fresh foil. Let it cool for 30 minutes, to blend in with the spices.

Then heat the pan with oil and brown the meat over high heat, on all sides, until well sealed.

Put the pork meat steak in an oven tray. Add the fat from the pan and place the slices of smoked ham among the pieces of meat. We add among the meat and garlic cloves cleaned and sliced ​​and thyme sprigs.

We cover the tray first with baking paper, then with aluminum foil.

We put the tray with pork steak with thyme and garlic in the oven at 170 degrees for an hour.

Then, uncover the tray and let the steak brown for another 30 minutes. We turn it from side to side for even browning.

I repeat, it is so tender and tasty that mine no longer contained my appreciations!

Pork Steak in Pickled Cabbage Leaf & # 8211 something to eat

I bought sauerkraut from the market. There's a lady there who has the best sauerkraut I've ever eaten.

I also had pork, so I made the steak in cabbage leaf. I had been thinking about a baked chop for a while now, I happened to have a back. I portioned it into suitable pieces, about the size of a fist.

I sprinkled it with pepper and browned it briefly in a little oil on all sides. I wrapped it nicely in cabbage leaves & # 8211 one roomy enough for each piece, but it can be two or three, not before placing a thin slice of bacon between the meat and the cabbage leaf.

The meat does not need salt, it will draw from the cabbage enough. I put the pieces of meat so dressed in a pan greased with oil, along with a few small onions left whole, peeled garlic cloves, red pepper slices and some watercress threads, if we still have fresh greens.

I sprinkled the paprika over all this and stopped them with a little more oil. I covered the tray with baking paper and put it in the oven, at the end I removed the paper so that everything browned well.

It was good, I should have smoked more, but I said don't overdo it with this bacon. Of course, the meat can be seasoned / flavored in many ways, I basically preferred it this time. And yes, as you can see, I let it brown really well.

3 Fry the meat

Choose a pan with a larger diameter (26-30 cm) and heat 500 ml of frying oil , so that a layer of at least 2 fingers results. During this time, pass each slice of meat through the flour, then through the beaten eggs, then through the mixture of breadcrumbs and greens. Prepare 3 & # 8211 4 schnitzels in advance so that you can put them directly in the pan.

Fry the schnitzels for 4 minutes on each side, over medium to low heat. Even if you cook them in an oil bath, you can quickly notice that the bottom will always be crispier than the top. Finally, remove the schnitzels in a bowl lined with napkins to absorb excess oil.

Baked Pork Pulp Recipe

Baked ham or pork leg is one of our favorite steaks at home. We actually grew it with it whenever the pig was cut after the pork alms. Quickly prepare a marinade, leave the meat to marinate for a while and then put it in the oven. We don't need good luck talent or experience in the kitchen to get a tender and juicy pork steak, we just need that patience because we will have to keep the meat marinated for a few hours.

Simple Steak From Baked Pork Pulp Urban Flavors

Pork Pulp In Tray Romanian Culinary Recipes And International Cuisine

Pork Delicacies Simple And Quick Recipes

Baked Pork Steak Laura Laurențiu

Baked Pork With Grilled Vegetables In Sauce And Potatoes Natural Recipes With Dana Valery

Pork Steak On The Tray

A simple and very successful very fast steak recipe for any meal, be it a holiday or a family meal.

Baked pork pulp recipe. Remove the tray from the oven and leave it for another 20 minutes to relax, place the flavors and then serve. In a bowl mix 2 3 tablespoons olive oil with pepper and finely chopped oregano. Basically, the ham is a slice of pork meat with bone and mice and will result in a very tender and tasty steak, but the vegetables that accompany it are not inferior either. A roasted pork steak roasted and stewed in the oven extinguished with wine like a kind of low stew.

You can make steaks of all kinds from poultry, beef, sheep or game. We roll the meat through this mixture then we cut it on both sides and from place to place and we put pieces of garlic in notches. The recipe is very simple. A stewed pork steak in the oven will always be extremely appreciated can be made from thinly sliced ​​pork meat or larger pieces with or without.

Kapia pepper onions and golden potatoes. We clean the onion, we let it go in the tray, then we place the pork leg with all the spices. How to prepare simple roast pork leg roast in the oven. Wash the meat and salt well on each side.

Massage well with your hand. It is not a holiday meal for Romanians without a steak. Pork can be replaced with any favorite meat, it is also good for those who prefer weaker steaks without frying and a lot of fat. The earliest baked pork steak according to a simple recipe presented step by step.

I put a sauté of peas next to it but you can put any other garnish you want, see the recipes here. How to prepare pork pork recipe with baked potatoes. Baked pork steak from leg or shoulder. We clean the remaining 3 cloves of garlic, cut the pieces and sprinkle them over the meat and through the tray.

I really liked the process and the result of the tender fruit, the good aromatic sauce to be combined with any garnish. Place in a tray or heat-resistant dish and sprinkle with black peppercorns or ground and cumin. Baked pork leg classic simple recipe. Stir-fried pork in the oven.

Baked pork steak recipe. Pork steak on the tray with garlic wine and vegetables. Cover the pan with foil and put it in the hot oven at 170-180 degrees for 2 and a half hours. How to make a baked pork steak with spicy vegetable sauce and rumen perfect for any occasion.

Wild boar leg roast

If you want to prepare something like this, buy the wild boar first. Not at all, but only about 1.5 - 2 kg of pulp. In order not to have surprises, before you start cooking, you have to do two things. First: see that it does not contain Trichinella Spiralis (any veterinarian can tell you this quickly). Second: check that it is not radioactive (cases have been seen before). For this you do not have to put it in the dark and see if it becomes phosphorescent (this method does not always give the expected results), a Geiger-Müller meter is enough, a must-have for any housewife who respects herself. Once these issues have been clarified, you can proceed with marinating the meat (putting it as it is popularly called), as I told you leisurely and in great detail here. As the marinade lasts at least 48 hours, if you want to have the steak on the Christmas table, you should roll up your sleeves and get to work quickly.

What do you need?

  • 1.5 - 2 kg of bone-in wild boar pulp, previously marinated (see here how to marinate)
  • 2-3 tablespoons of duck lard (in extremis you can replace it with goose or even lard)
  • 2 carrots matched, cleaned and cut into rounds
  • 1 small and long celery (200 - 250 g), cleaned and cut into rounds
  • ½ connection of green parsley.

How do you proceed?

Remove the wild boar meat from the marinade and drain it well, without throwing away the marinade.

In a large frying pan, put a lure of lard and heat it well.

Add the wild boar pulp, over which you put one - two tablespoons of lard and brown it over high heat for 2-3 minutes on each side.

While the meat is browning, take a heat-resistant dish (in which to fit the piece of wild boar pulp and leave some space), on the bottom of which you place a bed made of slices of carrot, celery and chopped green parsley leaves. coarser.

On the bed thus prepared, place the piece of wild boar previously browned in lard.

Pour over the remaining marinade meat (the one I told you not to throw away), throw in another handful of chopped green parsley, cover the bowl with aluminum foil and put it in the oven at 140 - 150 ˚C indicated an electric one, in which the temperature control is much more precise). Bracket: if using a metal pot, preheat the oven to 140 - 150 ˚C. If you use a ceramic or glass dish (Pyrex, Jena, etc.), turn on the oven after you have placed the dish with the future steak in the cold oven. I know that shards bring good luck, but not if you find them in the steak.

From now on, you can expect at least four good hours, if not more. After about 2-3 hours you can check the condition of the meat and turn it on the opposite side. If necessary (although it will not be if you have sealed the vessel well with aluminum foil), add more water or white wine (again, watch out for shards, if you come up with the idea to pour cold liquid into the hot glass container - be heat-resistant, but not like this).

After 4 hours, check the meat again if it is sufficiently penetrated. If the test is negative, leave it in the oven, but check it more often (about 15-20 minutes), so that it does not end up like this sample:

When you think it is cooked enough according to your tastes, you can take it out to the table. Usually, after 4-5 hours of baking, it is so tender that it breaks with the fork, so you can do what is called “pulled pork” (“pulled boar” in this case).

We prepared this thing at the end of March, beginning of April. So I had a seasonal salad (lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers). I also put on the plate his domestic relative, in the form of a chop (with bone and crispy rind, made much like here). As Christmas falls in the northern hemisphere, usually in winter, around the end of December (more precisely on December 25), I go past this wild boar (not a typo: "striped" meaning made into strips) some assorted pickles. And as a garnish, what could be better than a mashed potato over which to put a generous spoonful of the sauce left in the pan. And the wine, what can I tell you: red, dry, even tannin, brought to 14 - 16 ˚C (and not to room temperature, a temperature that can reach 22 - 24 ˚C if you are colder).

Pork steak on the tray

Pamper your loved ones with a flavored and spicy pork steak.

Ingredients (4 servings)

1 kg of pork muscle or leg
3-4 tablespoons oil
3-4 cloves of garlic
sweet and hot paprika
200 ml meat soup
200 ml dry white wine
50 g butter
2 bell peppers
2 tomatoes
2 bay leaves

Method of preparation

Clean the skin of the skin, wash it and dry it well. Grease the entire surface with oil and season with cumin, rosemary, salt and pepper. Wrap it in cling film and leave it in the cold for about 2-3 hours.

Peel a squash, grate it and put it in a tray. Peel a squash, grate it and slice it. Add the butter cut into pieces, sprinkle with salt and pepper to taste, then put the tray in the oven for 5 minutes.

Place the piece of meat over the vegetable bed, powder it with paprika, add 200 ml of meat soup, bay leaves, cover with aluminum foil and place the tray in the oven for 50 minutes. Remove the foil, add the crushed garlic, wine and a leave in the oven for 20 minutes, until nicely browned on top.

Pork steak

I think anyone who is a little good at cooking knows how to make a steak. It's no big deal to season a piece of meat and put it in the oven. It's all about choosing a fatty meat (so that the juicy steak comes out), the right spices, combining them, letting them "make friends" for a while, and then putting the meat in the oven. In addition, steak is a food suitable for both festive and daily meals. And snacks and other dishes can be easily incorporated from leftover steak.
This recipe is not a festive one, but an everyday one. I used smaller pieces of meat to make it faster. I alternated pieces of pulp and meatballs for fat.

  • 1 kg fatty pork (neck, leg, meat)
  • spices, I had a mixture containing pepper, oregano, hot pepper flakes, garlic
  • salt, optional

The meat is sliced, seasoned and salted. Pour a little oil, then mix well so that all the meat is covered.

Leave to cool for at least an hour.

Preheat the oven to 200 degrees C. Cover the tray with a lid or aluminum foil and bake for 1 hour. After about half an hour, remove the lid / foil, so that the liquid evaporates and browns the steak. From time to time, mix the pieces of meat so that they brown evenly. When ready, remove from the oven and leave covered for a quarter of an hour, then serve.

We ate it with cauliflower puree and it was delicious.

TOTAL: 1030 grams, 2171.6 calories, 266.5 protein, 117.4 lipids, 0 carbohydrates, 0 fiber

Note: These calculations are approximate. If you follow a strict diet, I recommend you do your own calculations, starting from the concrete products used.


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