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Sandwich Hochland

Sandwich Hochland

We cut the slice of bread in 2.

Grease each half of the slice with a triangle of Hochland cheese.

Place a slice of smoked Hochland cheese on greased slices, decorate with French mustard.

Serve with lettuce and green olives stuffed with peppers.

Good appetite!

How to make a sandwich without bread

Whether you want to lose weight or are simply looking for a different option for making sandwiches, read on to discover more delicious and quick options!

Of course, you can eat bread regularly. It is part of the food pyramid and, if you choose the healthiest types (of whole grains), it is beneficial for health in moderate amounts.

To replace bread, the first thing you need to do is think about what to replace it with. Well, the answer is very simple: the bread holds together the other elements of the sandwich, which allows us to eat without getting our fingers dirty. Thus, you need to look for replacements that can do the same thing but provide fewer calories and taste good.

May? Of course it is!

1. Sandwich with rice slices

washers of rice are healthy and crunchy, perfect for filling with sweet and salty ingredients. Eat them with jam, fruit, cheese and even tuna, turkey or chicken.

2. Sandwich without bread, with cucumbers

The consistency and shape of the cucumber make it a perfect ingredient for fillings. Don't forget to wash it well before using it / Remove the ends and cut it lengthwise, then fill it to your liking. If you want, you can peel the cucumber.

Our favorite cucumber fillings are fresh cheese and ham, Seranno ham and tomatoes, hummus and tomatoes, tuna, onions and sauces. What kind of fillings do you like?

3. Sandwich without bread, with salad

Another inspired option is use salad instead of bread. We are used to using salad as part of the filling, but what if we put it on top and underneath instead of bread? For example, you can even use a large lettuce leaf to make a packaged sandwich:

  • First, wash the lettuce well and let it dry. Do not tighten it so as not to break it.
  • Then, place your favorite filling on it and roll it.
  • You can fill it with tuna, tomatoes and onions or sauteed chicken with spinach or mushrooms.

4. Pumpkin sandwich, without bread

Like cucumbers, pumpkins have the perfect shape to replace bread in sandwiches. In this case, we suggest you remove the heads and cut the pumpkins in half. Bake them in the oven until their texture is firm, but at the same time tender.

5. Ham rolls

And it gives you the opportunity to fill it with whatever you like. Although it doesn't look like a traditional sandwich when rolled, it tastes great. Fill it with fresh cheese and herbs, tomatoes and cheese, asparagus, assorted vegetables, fresh cheese and avocado, hummus or whatever else comes to mind. There are endless options!

6. Apples instead of bread

Apple is one of our favorite fruits when it comes to diet and it is easy to understand why: it is tasty, low in calories and goes well with other sweet and salty ingredients.

  • To make a sandwich without bread, wash the apple well, cut it in half and remove the back.
  • Then fill it with ingredients of your choice. How about filling with tuna and sauce?

7. Eggplant sandwich

Like pumpkins, eggplant can give us a lot of options when we make a sandwich without bread. Bake them lightly before preparing the sandwich.

Want another idea? Fill the eggplant with polenta, spinach and tomatoes.

8. Portobello mushrooms

Portobello mushrooms are all the rage. Their texture makes them an excellent alternative to bread. Remove the legs after boiling them and use the hats. We suggest you fill them with chopped spinach, chicken and tomatoes or avocado and chicken.

In conclusion, making a sandwich without bread is not impossible. There are several options at hand. To replace the bread, you need an ingredient that properly supports the filling.

Sandwich Fest can take you to Florence (P)

campaign Sandwich Fest It fills your autumn with flavor and offers you prizes to your taste, discounts in stores at Hochland products and inspiration from professional chefs.

Sandwich Fest takes place between October 1 and November 30, and if you want to participate, you must buy a product Hochland. All you need is one, whatever it is.

Then access and enter the number of the tax receipt certifying the purchase, along with your details. Without being in suspense at all, find out on the spot if you have won one of the daily or weekly prizes.

In addition, each week, a greedy person will win a two-person trip to Taste of Florence Food Festival, which will take place between 11 and 13 March 2017.

In addition to appetizing prizes and discounts at Hochland products, Sandwich Fest it also gives you a lot of inspiration.

Every weekend during the campaign, the chefs Hochland shows you in the biggest hypermarkets in the country how to prepare appetizing and delicious sandwiches with Hochland melted cheese, Hochland cheese, Hochland telemea or Almette.

Hochland also inspires you on, where you can find new sandwich recipes from culinary professionals.

If you've already had a craving for Sandwich Fest, all you have to do is enjoy your favorite products. And don't forget to keep the receipt and register it on the site.
Good appetite and good luck!

Hochland winners

It's time to choose who to give the three picnic baskets full of Hochland goodies. It was the first video campaign of its kind that I did and thank you very much for your support. I had a choice from 46 valid comments, from:

  1. You
  2. Claudia T
  3. Carmen A.
  4. Loredana
  5. Lilișor
  6. Irina
  7. Andrée
  8. OJ
  9. Yoyo
  10. Alice,
  11. Claudia,
  12. Adela,
  13. Sonia,
  14. Cotos,
  15. Ramona,
  16. Ladunca Ionelia,
  17. Ionescu Aneta,
  18. Vasilescu Ionel Cornel
  19. Nicoleta Pasescu
  20. Emilia Dinu
  21. Alunculesei Brandusa
  22. Tudorache Constanta
  23. Magdalena (music)
  24. how much
  25. Luminita D
  26. philippic
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  32. Marin Loredana Ecaterina
  33. Mihai Florin
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  35. ease
  36. elision
  37. Doina Ana Butman
  38. Costache Mihaela
  39. Buga Gabriela
  40. Padureanu Tatiana
  41. Goldy
  42. Hainarosie Iuliana
  43. knitting needle
  44. Adriana Popescu
  45. Raluca
  46. Crasmaru Mirela

Because I didn't expect to collect so many recipes, I decided to pass on the responsibility of choosing the three winners, so I asked this on Facebook. I chose this method because it would have taken me about seven picnic baskets to reward the recipes I liked the most.

So, by the power invested in me, I designate Aneta, Brîndșa and Filip as winners! Enjoy the perfect slices of cheese, congratulations! I will contact you with the request for delivery data.

Maybe I'll put a short ebook, how many sandwich recipes I gathered in the comments :) Or make a follow-up video. That's a niche, too.

A perfect prize for a successful sandwich

This spring found us in homes, responsible and eager to get through this period. Among the indoor activities we have, we can not leave aside the passion and pleasure for cooking.

Isolation gives us continuous ideas and also the chance to put something new into practice, every day. The appetite is great when we think of delicious and pleasant-looking dishes, which we can get from colorful spring fruits and vegetables. We do not have clear answers for when we will be able to go out again, so it is best to stay home safe and, why not, to test our talent as chefs.

Together with the Elite, we have prepared a perfect contest for you. It is for those of you who spend quality time in the kitchen and see cooking as a relaxation.

The venue of the contest is our Facebook page: Zesty. What do you have to do to participate? Nothing simpler: when posting the contest, leave us in the comments the favorite recipe for the sandwich. You definitely have one that you love to prepare for your loved ones. We are curious to find out which one it is and thus, you will enter the draw for the prize offered by the Elite.

We thought of the special prize for those days when you will be able to go with your family or friends to enjoy nature. You can win a picnic basket and a shredder. Doesn't this contest sound good? You can enter only one recipe until 18.05.2020, and then we will announce the winner.

We don't know how you are, but we can't wait to exchange sandwich recipes!

Until then, you can always order sausages with perfect taste, right from the Beez app. The courier brings them safely to your door, and you enjoy the true taste of the meat.

French sandwich

1. Grease the slices of bread with butter, then place them in the paper-lined stove tray.
2. Distribute the ham on all eight slices.
3. Place the cheese on half of the slices and the cheese on the other. Gouda (in Dutch Goudse kaas, & # 8222 Gouda cheese & # 8221) is the best known and most consumed Dutch cheese. Gouda cheese is yellow or orange, with a fat content of at least 48%.
4. Sprinkle with thyme and bake for 5 minutes.

Grandma advises you!

1. For a delicious taste, you can first grease the slices of bread with a thin layer of tomato sauce, sweet or spicy, according to your preferences.
2. If you do not get along well with the aroma of thyme, which sometimes becomes bitter if heated in the oven, you can use only pepper or other favorite spices.
3. Finally, heat the sandwiches in the microwave for a minute or two if you want them to be crispy.

Sandwich Fest is waiting for you with delicious sandwiches and tailor-made prizes (P)

And this year, Hochland is waiting for all the greedy for the most delicious event of autumn: Sandwich Fest.

Between October 1st & # 8211 November 30th, you can win one of the great prizes up for grabs: daily, a Philips electric grill for tasty and weekly snacks, a gourmet holiday for two people, with a choice of your own.

For more inspiration go to, which awaits you with many delicious recipes that take the daily sandwich out of anonymity.

Come to the shops to discover the special discounts on Hochland products, but also the surprises prepared by the teams of Hochland chefs, who will delight your taste buds.

Win 8 vacations in Florence and 61 Philips electric grills

Sandwich Fest is a true international festival of tastes. Hochland inspires you with special sandwich recipes, full of flavor and color.

Between October 1 and November 30, 2016, discounts are waiting for you in stores Hochand products, culinary demonstrations by professional chefs and awards for each.

For any Hochland product purchased, you have the chance to win one of the daily or weekly prizes we have prepared for you: one of the 61 daily prizes consisting of a Philips electric grill together a set of Hochland products to make your own delicious sandwiches in your kitchen or one of the 8 trips for 2 people to the Taste of Florence Food Festival, which will take place between 11 and 13 March 2017.

Enter the race for the campaign prizes: upload a picture with the tax receipt / invoice, register his / her number and find out on the spot if you have won!

Hochland Crème, inspiration in the kitchen for delicious dishes and special moments

Hochland Crème cheese cream inspires you to explore your creativity, even if you are more or less experienced in the kitchen. You can create an appetizing sandwich, a delicious cheesecake or a tasty salad or steak sauce.

Hochland Cr & egraveme, with a creamy, soft texture, is distinguished by its refreshing and slightly salty taste. You can use it to prepare tasty dishes in a practical, easy and efficient way: from the base for sandwiches to creative appetizers, even desserts, such as finger food, pancakes, cheesecake, tortilla with vegetables or salmon, rolls , balls with cream cheese, sauces, etc.).

During the month of July, the Hochland Cr & egraveme Challenge will take place, a tasty cooking show, in which the competitors will be tested for their creativity. From a mysterious box, in which the main ingredient is Hochland Cr & egraveme, they will develop different recipes, and in the end, one of them will be the winner. Discover each episode HERE

Choose one of the Hochland Cr & egraveme assortments every day: classic, with greens, ham or cucumbers, either for breakfast, for unexpected meetings with friends, or for moments of relaxation, watching your favorite movie.

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For serving

Method of preparation

Preparation in advance

  • Peel and grate hard boiled eggs.
  • Boil quail eggs for a maximum of 2.5 minutes, transfer them to a bowl with water and ice, peel and set aside.


  • Mix in a bowl grated eggs, Hellmann's light mayonnaise, black pepper and chives.
  • Spread the butter on each slice of bread and cover with cling film to keep them fresh.
  • Prepare the slices of bread and spread the mayonnaise evenly with the egg, cover with the remaining slices of bread.
  • Remove the peel, then cut each sandwich into 3 equal pieces.

For serving

  • Serve on a plate or plate and garnish each portion with 2 halves of quail egg and sprinkle with microplants.

What will you get

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  • Recipes and tips from chefs around the world
  • The latest culinary trends

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