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French potatoes with spicy Plescoi sausages

French potatoes with spicy Plescoi sausages

Wash the potatoes well, boil them with a little salt. After they have boiled, drain them of water and leave them to cool, then peel them. Separately, boil 4 eggs, beat the others with sour cream, add grated nutmeg and salt. . Saute the sausages in their own juice first on low heat then on high heat until golden brown, take them out and put them on a plate to drain the fat.

Melt the butter, grease the clay bowl, cover with breadcrumbs and put a row of sliced ​​potatoes, then add the sliced ​​sausages, boiled eggs and slices, again potatoes and turmeric on top of beaten eggs with sour cream. Put in a hot oven at 180 degrees and leave until golden brown on top.

Good appetite!

Virșli, the Dacian sausage of the Transylvanians

I admit that until a year ago I didn't even know there were virgins. Some sausages specific to some areas of Transylvania, with a legendary flavor. There is an article on Digi 24 in which it is said that the original recipe is from the time of the Dacians, which makes me very sad. It saddens me not that it would be a Dacian recipe, it is wonderful that we have such culinary legends, it saddens me because we have such a historical, authentic dish, which, like millions of other things that belong to us, we fail to we exploit them at their true value.

There is a vicious circle here, in order to certify this product and turn it into one with a protected geographical indication, these people from the ministry are asking the producers of stingrays to associate and establish a unique recipe. Which is a bit difficult, because everyone is convinced that his recipe is the best, everyone is convinced that he has the winning version. And no one wants to give up their product. And from here things get stuck indefinitely. Therefore, a niche product will remain for a while, of which only a small part of the population will still know about it.

Currently, virșli are produced in Alba counties (Sebeș area, towards the mountains, but also Arieșului de Sus area, in Țara Moţilor), Țara Zarandului (Hălmagiu area, Arad county, and Brad area, Hunedoara county), Țara Hațegului ( Sălaș, Hunedoara County). And that's it. (Thanks for the correct map go to Cătălin Hosu, connoisseur with the black belt of this mustard-type product.)

If you have ever come across virles in this life, and want to give them to you, keep in mind that they are of many kinds. The constant would be that they have goat meat as their main ingredient. Then there would be, as an alternative, sheep. To which is added some hard fat from the pig's back. Some also put beef. Or game meat, such as sausages made in the Brad area. But unlike meat, they all have garlic and paprika. You can find a detailed recipe on Laura Laurențiu's blog.

There are two other characteristics for sausages, most producers put minced meat, but I understand that there is also the variant in the Sălaș area, where the meat is shredded with bard, the latter being even more valuable.

As for the way they cook, almost everyone here agrees that the best ones are boiled. I made them in all kinds, in the oven, in the pan, on the grill or boiled, as you will see in the pictures below, I put them in various combinations, I confirm that the variant in which they are boiled is by far the best, but with small details. They don't boil much, on the contrary, I would take them out of the pot right when the water starts to boil. And only then, put a little on the grill or grill. With mustard and fresh bread. They are perfect! This is the moment when I composed the song My, My, Dilealah alone!

For those who want to take the experience to another level, I understand that it boils even better in death. I don't know, I haven't tried, but it will, when the time comes again.

If you ask me where you can get virles, I will disappoint you a little. I have no idea. From them at home, of course, but in Bucharest I do not know the source. But I am waiting for recommendations in the comments, either from Bucharest or from anywhere in the country.

If you ask me where I got them from, I can answer you here, that from somewhere it is clear that I took them, they are from Hălmagiu, and this was due to the self-titled Senior of Transylvania, Andrei Crivăț, who sometimes calls me to tell me he's going to give me a package. When the phone rings and on the screen I see that it is Crivăț, I feel like in Pistruiatul. I know the goods have come, and I have to move fast and go get them. And pass it on to the world.


Smoking follows. Without smoking we can't talk about spicy beer sausages! I chose to make a hot smoke using a special grill ("locomotive" we call it) recently bought from Mömax (can be found in other stores & # 8211 see here). It has a lid, a thermometer and a chimney and you can create smoke in it - it's a grill with a smoker.


Foodblogger at Savori Urbane. #savoriurbane

The fire is made in the smoker - at first with wood (firewood, chips and special charcoal for the smoker that can be found in stores). The flame is smothered with chips for smoker or smoker (fruit tree or hardwood). We start with hot smoke for 150 minutes until the temperature inside the sausages reaches 70 C (we test with the meat thermometer). Basically they bake a little in the smoke. The ones on the left are the house huts (the recipe here), in the middle are these beer sausages and on the right are the homemade Rose sausages (the recipe here).

Then continue with cold smoke for 60 minutes. Cold smoke is also made with special chips from different wood species - they are found in supermarkets (eg Kaufland). Chips or sawdust are used according to the instructions on the package.

This is what my sausages look like during smoking. I did several types.

The smoked beer sausages are kept in the air for 3-4 days (to attenuate the pungent smoke from the surface a bit). I put these spicy cold sausages (in the garage, pantry) hanging on a wooden rod, with spaces between pairs. What a beautiful color they have after hot smoking! They have become reddish and have a sensational aroma!

Bean stew with spicy Pleşcoi sausages

For starters, leave the beans in cold water the night before to soften. The next day, it is boiled, but the first two waters are thrown away after boiling. In the third water add a pinch of salt, broth or tomato paste, a whole onion peeled and bring to a boil over medium heat with a lid. Then add the bay leaves and cover, leaving for another ten minutes over medium heat.

When the beans are half cooked, fry the Plescoi sausages in a pan with hot oil. Once they are ready, place them over the bean stew and garnish with parsley, green onions or dill.

Traditionally, beans and sausages are served with pickles or onion salad and fresh bread.

We offer you the main INGREDIENTS you need for Iahnie beans with spicy Pleşcoi sausages.

Drum, sausages and other goodies

This post is more for my brother than anyone else. He lives in Spain and did not come home this Christmas. For this reason, I will tell you briefly, here, (and you too) about what my mother put on the Christmas table. In fact, on several meals, that no one could have eaten all of those things at one meal, and remained whole in body and mind (no, I didn't need a bile supplement or a meal). medically digestive).

PS: I was going to forget, today is 3 years since I started blogging. Thank you for making it pass quickly and easily. I hope to see you here as often as possible.

The drum came out perfectly. The ratio between gelatin and meat was the right one, the fat did not overwhelm the entrails and the drum was better than ever. The stuffed muscle (muscle stuffed with sausage mixture, then wrapped in steamer and baked at low temperature for almost two hours) is magnificent and the scallops & # 8230mmmm scallops.

Pork soup with lots of vegetables. Excellent, slightly sweet (from carrots and celery, of course). I topped it with hot peppers. A lot.

I haven't eaten much potatoes this year. However, I did not refuse a tablespoon of puree next to the fried sausage, steak and beetroot with cumin. Dad makes the best sausages in the world. I also like it raw / dry & # 8211 smoked but also fried, sprinkled with wine.

Sarmale with sour cabbage. I like the sweet cabbage ones but I never miss them. Instead, I sometimes dream of those with sour cabbage :).

The nut cake. He grew out of the tray. Here you see the version I like, that is more cozonac, less walnut. I also had Raluca's favorite version, meaning more walnuts and less cozonac.

Sheets with honey (Bee) and Katy's cake, traditional in my parents' house. Katy I could consume in industrial quantities. I do not, for reasons of & # 8222Back to & # 821790 & # 8221. By the way, my program did not suffer, I eat in moderation and I keep moving, although the gym is closed until January 4th. Now, for example, I finish the post and leave the house to sweep 200 square meters of yard. Over which a layer of 10 3 centimeters of snow was deposited. Stay healthy.

How are beer sausages made?

The meat, cold from the fridge, is chopped through a small sieve. Chop the onion to make a fine paste. We have a hand shredder, small, very old (I think it is at least 50 years old), which chops excellently.

Freshly grind the spices and place over the meat, along with salt and sugar.

Grind the garlic finely, put it in the soup and let it infuse well for 20 minutes, then just strain the garlic soup over the meat.

Knead everything very well, for 10-15 minutes, until the paste binds very well. Leave everything to cool and leave until the next day.

The next day, knead again very well, then make a meatball and taste. Now the taste fits if you need anything else. It can be seen that the next day the mixture is much more homogeneous.

The sheep's intestines are left in cold water with lemon slices or a little vinegar until they soften well. We leave them for about 20 minutes and they are ready. Rinse and then fill. They do not fill very hard, because we will have to form small sausages.

After filling a intestine, twist small sausages about 2 cm-maximum 3, exactly as much as once put in the mouth. It is good to twist a kitchen string on each sausage, so that it does not break. I accidentally deleted the picture, but I come back, because we still make beer sausages.

Leave in a dry and cool place for 24 hours to dry.

After they have dried a little, the beer sausages are smoked (if you can) for 1 day, 1 hour in hot smoke and 2-3 hours in cold smoke. How to smoke warm and cold- see here. Leave it in the smokehouse overnight, to penetrate well, but with the fire off, without smoke. Being small, these sausages need a lot of smoke.

Here in the picture we also have the cabanos sausages, you can also see how we tied the sausages with food string.

It hangs in the pantry, in a dry and ventilated place. We leave out a few and empty the rest as much as we know we eat once. Vacuum is stored much better, in the refrigerator for about 2 weeks, and can stay in the freezer for several months.

These beer sausages are delicious on the grill, they are made quickly, over a high heat or in a frying pan, with or without oil. You can also use it to cook various dishes such as beans, potatoes, cabbage or you can put it on pizza, omelette, etc.

They are spicy and extremely aromatic, but very juicy, simply when you eat 2-3 sausages of beer, you should drink a mouthful of cold beer. & # 128578

I recommend you to try this recipe and when you eat them for the first time, to worship a glass of beer for Snow Nelu & # 128578 And send us the pictures & # 128578

Whether you like this recipe or not, please let me know below and share it with friends & # 128578

Potato stew with sausages

Potato stew with sausages is a cheap but very tasty food! Papricas (potato) can also be made as a simple fasting stew. A single smoked thread (sausages, ribs, bacon, kaiser) has the power to perfume a whole pot of potato stew. As students, we also eat 6 people from such a stew, made on a poor sausage thread.

Of course, the version I present to you now is the one Transylvanian, well seasoned with paprika and cumin. I do not put broth and bay leaves in the potato stew with sausages because it seems to me that it diverts the aroma and the taste of garlic and smoke of the sausages. Instead I put a lot of onions! I make the potato paprika type much tastier! What a great sauce is formed in the pot!

The paper is not all the same. The fake one also contains the stalks and the pepper seeds (it is multiplied). Real paprika is made only from the pulp of peppers! Diana found a source of supply of great paprika in a village near Arad, right on the border with Hungary. You open the bag of paprika and you are surrounded by the aroma of fresh red summer peppers. Taste it and you feel like you've been bitten by that pepper. No sign of bitterness or repulsive taste. It's perfect!

The sausages are prepared by us and smoked (see Transylvanian sausage recipe). They have a lot of pepper, paprika and garlic in them!

Potato stew with sausages is prepared very quickly and very simply. Its cooking time coincides with the cooking time of the potatoes. So, in approx. 30 minutes (including peeling potatoes) you have a hot, filling and tasty food. Of course we eat it with sour cream & # 8211 also in the Transylvanian style. And with good homemade bread (recipe here).

This dish can also be cooked in a cauldron, outdoors. It's even tastier. More recipes in the cauldron (bograci) find here.

What do we need for the butcher's recipe for beer sausages?

  • -600 g pork pulp
  • -200 g of beef pulp
  • -200 g pork belly (lap, meat)
  • -18-20 g of salt
  • -3-4 g freshly ground pepper
  • -2 g hot, dried hot peppers or a hot paprika knife tip
  • -1 teaspoon dried thyme
  • -1 tip of a sugar knife
  • -10 boils ienibahar
  • -15 coriander berries
  • -a tip of cumin knife
  • -5-6 cloves of garlic
  • -2 cloves
  • -1 tablespoon grated paprika
  • -half a small onion (30 g)
  • -half a teaspoon of celery seeds
  • -50 ml concentrated bone soup
  • -sheep intestines

7 Romanian dishes that you have to try if you like meat

Romanians like meat, which is why there are a lot of traditional dishes that include pork, beef, lamb or chicken. In the following lines you will discover 7 foods that you must try, especially if you are a meat fan.

In the first place are the little ones. These skinless, juicy and spicy sausages are simply delicious. Mititeii are easy to find in most restaurants, pubs and even at the market. They are served with mustard, french fries and beer.

Regardless of the occasion, every time they grill, Romanians choose the little ones. Legend has it that the first little one appeared almost by accident, in a butcher's shop in Bucharest. The owner sells grilled products, prepared in his small shop.

One spring day, he had so many clients that he ran out of sheep. He filled the intestines of sheep with a mixture of minced meat to make sausages. So he put meatballs directly on the hot grill. Customers were very pleased with the taste of these skinless & # 8222 sausages & # 8221. That's how the little ones or the little ones became known.

Plescoi sausages

In second place, on the list of meat lovers are Plescoi sausages. They are smoked and dried after a special process. In addition, in order to obtain authentic Plescoi sausages, you must respect the ratio of spices.

Pig alms

Pig alms is a traditional type of food, made around Christmas. We Romanians usually put pork on the Christmas table. The pieces of meat must be chosen from different parts of the pork: bacon, liver, ribs, etc.The alms of the proc is an ancient tradition, which involves cooking a dinner of thanks for honoring friends and relatives who helped process the food obtained from cutting the pig. Pork alms is served with pickles and polenta.

Tochitura moldoveneasca

Moldovan tochitura is not very different from pork alms. However, add beef, tomato sauce and onion. In addition, if served traditionally, add scrambled eggs, cheese and polenta.

You can find this very hearty dish in most traditional restaurants. It goes great with a glass of red wine.

Sausages in pickled cabbage leaves stuffed with pork, beef and rice are delicious. For some time, housewives have started to add a little bacon either in sarmale or in the pot to give them a better taste.This very tasty type of food is served throughout the year, but it is most often consumed at Easter and Christmas. It can be eaten with sour cream and polenta.

Sibiu salami

Sibiu dried salami is not heat treated. This Romanian delicacy is made from pork, fat, salt and spices. The story of Salamiu de Sibiu begins in 1885 when an Italian bricklayer, who had an incredible talent for mixing spices with meat, moved to Romania, somewhere near Sinaia.

Around 1910 he created a dry salami, originally called & # 8222winter salami & # 8221. As with all great creations, his recipe was quickly picked up, and the product began to be created in many places.

He passed quickly through Sibiu Customs. As such, the export stamp for salami was & # 8222viana sibiana & # 8221. External orders for salami were made near Sinaia. Initially it was called "Sibiu customs salami" and later Sibiu salami.

The recipe was improved by the Transylvanian Saxons in 1970. During the communist period, Sibiu salami was considered a luxury product with a reasonable price. Sibiu salami is served for breakfast. It is also commonly used for sandwiches.

Pastrama is a dish appreciated by all those who love meat. It is usually made of lamb or beef. If you are lucky, you will find a well-prepared pastrami in traditional restaurants.

Video: 20 minutes and a pan! The most delicious broccoli recipe! (December 2021).