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Diplomat cake

Diplomat cake

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Beat eggs with sugar. Add the milk. This composition is put on a steam bath and mixed continuously until it becomes a thick cream (almost like a mayonnaise). It must be mixed continuously so as not to cheese. cool it

Whip the cream with sugar.

After the egg cream has cooled, mix it with the whipped cream

We take the fruits out of the compote and put them on a napkin to drain

The gelatin is hydrated with the compote juice in which the fruits were. Then it is put on a steam bath to dissolve. We then put it in the mixture of whipped cream and egg cream.

In a round tray, decorate the bottom of the tray with fruit according to your imagination, then we put the cream and then the fruit and the cream again until we put all the cream.

I also put a pandispan top on top. You can put biscuits for whoever wants

Let it cool. When the cake has hardened, place it on a plate but turn it so that the face is adorned with fruit and underneath the biscuits or pandispan.

I garnished with a little grated chocolate and whipped cream

Delicious I say :)


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