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Flavoured breads

Flavoured breads

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The secret to mastering any new kitchen skill is to start with a basic recipe and perfect it before moving onto something a little more complex. Nowhere is that more important than in baking, and specifically for this post, flavoured breads.

This week Lauren at the Flour Station wrote a great post sharing her thoughts about the best breads for beginner bakers. She includes non-yeasted breads like flatbread, soda bread and cornbread, before moving onto suggesting a basic loaf recipe. I’ve also enjoyed reading how Mardi, who writes at Eat Live Travel Write, led her class of Les Petit Chefs (little chefs) through making Jamie’s easy flatbreads with a selection of dips, following on from my own post on kneading with kids a couple of weeks ago.

When you are ready to move onto to making bread using yeast, I’d recommend you read Emma Gardner’s post here on using yeast; it demystified quite a lot for me! Instant yeast can be mixed straight into dry ingredients, but tends not to like warmer liquids – you need to make sure you only ever add tepid water. Dried yeast needs activating, in most cases by adding a warm liquid. Fresh yeast is a little harder to find outside of bakeries and online shops, but it can be crumbled straight your wet ingredients, or into your dough.

Once you’ve conquered a basic bread recipe, it’s time to get a little creative, and the best way to do this is to learn how to add flavours to your bread. A great recipe to start with is this one for banana and honey bread, which makes around ten bread rolls and is based upon Jamie’s basic bread recipe. Essentially, you purée six bananas and add them to warm water, making a banana-flavoured liquid. You then use that liquid in place of plain water in the basic bread recipe, adding runny honey and chopped almonds for extra flavour and texture.

Another simple way to jazz up a basic recipe is to practise making an Italian bread such as a focaccia, before adding your choice of toppings just before baking. Jamie’s three-flavour focaccia recipe can be quickly whizzed up in a food processor, before kneading for around five minutes and leaving it to rest and rise. The suggested toppings include sticky balsamic onions, cherry tomatoes and basil, and three-cheese and rosemary – though feel free to experiment with toppings of your choice. Let me know your favourites!

Soda bread recipes

Bake a batch of classic soda bread or try an inventive twist. Choose a fruity spiced slice, a darker treacle-laced loaf or something to go with smoked salmon.

Seeded wholemeal soda bread

Shop-bought bread can be loaded with salt, sugar and preservatives, so try making your own for a healthier loaf. It takes only 10 minutes to prepare

Easy soda bread

Want a simple bread recipe? This soda bread requires no kneading or proving, is yeast-free and takes mere minutes to prepare. Above all, it's delicious

Courgette & cheddar soda bread

This simple loaf is easy to make but big on flavour and texture, with mature cheese, grated courgettes, oats and thyme

Soda farls

Celebrate St Patrick's Day with soda farls – an Irish soda bread flattened into a circle and divided into four 'farls'. Eat warm with butter

Onion soda bread with whipped English mustard butter

Perk up homemade soda bread with onion and a light but punchy mustard butter. Serve alongside your favourite cold meats and a fresh salad

Irish soda bread

Get the taste of Ireland with this fresh, no-fuss soda bread

Fruit & spice soda bread

A traditional Irish loaf that uses bicarbonate of soda instead of yeast - this version is sweetly spiced with fruit and oats

Rustic oat & treacle soda bread

This simple, yeast-free Irish bread is delicious with soup or cheese. For a darker loaf, you can use an extra spoonful of treacle in place of the honey

Dill & poppy seed soda bread

Make this bread the day before you want to eat it

Sundried tomato soda bread baps

These craggy bread buns use bicarbonate of soda instead of yeast - serve with plenty of butter or top with soft cheese

Black treacle & oat soda bread with pickled cucumbers, smoked salmon & homemade butter

Serve up a treat for lunch, with fresh soda bread, smoked salmon, pickles and homemade butter (yes, homemade). Sounds tricky? It takes just 30 minutes to make

12 Fresh Homemade Pasta Recipes

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3 sourdough recipes with a twist – from tomato and olive to a chocolate loaf

Mastered the art of plain sourdough? Upgrade proceedings with these inventive recipes, courtesy of Roly Allen’s new cookbook How To Raise A Loaf And Fall In Love With Sourdough.

Aside from loo roll, pasta and disinfectant, the prized items on everyone’s shopping list during lockdown have been flour and yeast. This hardly needs an explanation: baking is the uncontested housebound hobby of the moment.

And over the last nine weeks, sourdough bread has been so ubiquitous across Instagram that it’s become a bit of a lockdown cliché. “During this apocalyptic spring, the best thing since sliced bread turns out not to be sliced bread,” declared The New York Times in April. “The most coveted isolation loaves seem to be sourdough, a knobbly, rugged variety that requires patience, handmade fermentations and something like affection.”

Baker Roly Allen thinks he knows why sourdough has proved so popular during the pandemic. The process of baking the bread has a positive effect on mental wellbeing, he believes: “It’s simple enough for anyone to master, but it does demand time, and the way this forces you not to rush, and to let go of the impulse to control, is good for your head.”

In his timely new book How To Raise A Loaf And Fall In Love With Sourdough (£12.99, Laurence King), Allen shares 15 recipes for sourdough. He also includes a recipe for a simple sourdough starter that takes just five days to develop and uses only yoghurt, water, flour and raisins – no marathon activation period or yeast required.

Once you’ve mastered the art of the starter, you can try your hand at sourdough loaves that are much more inventive than the plain versions you’re probably familiar with. “Plain white sourdough is only the beginning of the story: it welcomes all kinds of tasty additions, including olives, nuts, seeds, grains, cheese, fruit and berries,” says Allen.

With that in mind, we’ve got three of Allen’s creative twists on traditional sourdough to share below. From a beautifully pink beetroot-speckled loaf to a fragrant sundried tomato and black olive sourdough and a rich chocolatey variation that goes perfectly with ice cream, these original recipes will definitely enliven your lockdown baking. Spread thickly with a pat of butter and you’ll never look back…

Sourdough starter recipe

Roly says: “Always use organic ingredients if you can: they will not have been exposed to the powerful pesticides that strip away the natural bacteria and yeasts which you need to enrich your starter.”

  • 1 tbsp (15ml) organic natural yoghurt
  • water
  • 300g strong white bread flour
  • 10 raisins

Take a clean jam jar or preserving jar, at least 500ml in capacity. Mix the yoghurt and 50ml of water in the jar, then add 25g of the flour and mix that in. Finally, add the raisins. Put the lid loosely on top of the jar (not sealing it) and leave it in a warm place.

Tip: Set a daily alarm on your mobile phone so you remember to check in with the starter at about the same time each day.

Open the jar and give it a good sniff to see if you can detect any scent of alcohol vapour being given off by the yeast. No worries if not, but if you do have these smells, you’re already on your way. Whether or not you can smell anything, add 50ml of water and another 25g of flour, stir, cover loosely, and put the jar back into its warm place.

All being well, you will today see tiny, pinhole-sized bubbles on the surface of the mixture and smell something — sour, sweet, volatile — that will confirm that your starter is springing into life. Don’t worry if you don’t, though, especially if the room is on the cool side. Add 100ml of water and 50g of flour and stir well. Cover loosely and return the jar to its warm place.

By now you should see and smell clear evidence of fermentation in the mix. It may be full of bubbles — a good sign — and you may get a sour odour (not unpleasant — similar to the smell of natural yoghurt) when you sniff. You may even get a slight whiff of alcohol.

In any case, the raisins will have done their job of introducing the wild yeasts to the mixture, so it’s time to get them out. Add 100ml of water, stir, and strain the runny mixture through a sieve and into a jug. Tip the mix back into its jar, add 100g of flour, stir, cover loosely and return to the warm place.

By this point it should be clear that your mixture is completely alive, with plenty of foamy bubbles. It’s full of healthy, active yeasts and a rich mixture of lactobacteria, but it needs thickening up in order to become manageable. If you want to use it today, add about 50g of flour, mix thoroughly and leave it for a couple of hours before you bake.

Otherwise, discard about three-quarters of the mixture, add 100ml of water and 100g of flour to what’s left, and stir well to make a thick paste. About eight hours later you should have about 300g of vigorous starter — more than enough for your first loaf.

If you don’t want to bake today, don’t worry — just park the starter in your fridge until you do.

Speckled beetroot sourdough recipe

Roly says: “With a distinctive appearance and earthy aroma, this is a real show-stopper, and a perfect, hearty accompaniment to soups or stews. Beetroots are a rich source of antioxidants, and also give the dough an unforgettable pink colour, which fades in the oven, leaving speckles in a classic open crumb.”

  • 200g starter
  • 10ml (2 tsp) olive oil
  • 180ml warm water
  • 340g strong white bread flour
  • 7.5g (1½ tsp) fine salt
  • 150g fresh beetroot, peeled and coarsely grated
  • rice flour or semolina, for dusting

In a large mixing bowl, whisk the starter, olive oil and warm water together until the starter has dissolved.

In another bowl, mix the flour with the salt. Add this to the wet mixture and mix well with your hand, then add the grated beetroot and mix until the beetroot is evenly distributed. Cover the bowl with a tea towel and leave to rest for 30 minutes.

Wet your hands, then pull, fold and rotate the dough 8-10 times, so that it forms a ball. Leave to rest for 10 minutes.

Repeat step 3 twice so that you’ve worked the dough three times and it has rested for an hour in total.

Dust a proving basket liberally with rice flour or semolina. Wet your fingers, work them around the bottom of the ball of dough and gently transfer it to the proving basket, keeping the seam upwards.

Cover with a tea towel and leave in a warm place to prove. Depending on the temperature and the activity of the yeast, it may take three to six hours to gain about 50 per cent in size.

When the loaf has proved, preheat the oven to 230°C (210°C fan)/gas mark 8, with a heavy baking tray or baking stone on the middle shelf, and add a source of steam. Turn the loaf out of the proving basket onto the heated surface, cut it twice across the top with a sharp blade or scissors, then place it in the oven.

Bake for 10 minutes, then reduce the temperature to 210°C (190°C fan)/gas mark 6 and bake for another 40 minutes, or until the loaf is done and sounds hollow on the base when tapped with a fingertip.

Leave to cool on a wire rack before eating.

Sundried tomato and black olive sourdough recipe

Roly says: “Fragrant, colourful and packed with Mediterranean aromas, this bread begs to be ripped up and dipped into olive oil and balsamic vinegar, or paired with a strong hard cheese such as pecorino or manchego. You don’t need fresh olives from the deli counter: pitted black olives in brine will do just fine.”

  • 150g starter
  • 40ml (2½ tbsp) olive oil
  • 300ml warm water
  • 100g pitted black olives, chopped
  • 100g sun-dried tomatoes, chopped
  • 500g strong white bread flour
  • 7.5g (1½ tsp) fine salt
  • large pinch of dried oregano
  • rice flour or semolina, for dusting

In a large mixing bowl, whisk the starter, olive oil and warm water together. When the starter has dissolved, mix in the chopped olives and sun-dried tomatoes.

In another large bowl, mix the flour with the salt and the dried oregano. Add this to the wet mixture and mix well with your hand until the ingredients are evenly distributed in the dough. Cover the bowl with a clean tea towel and leave to rest for 30 minutes.

Wet your hands, then pull, fold and rotate the dough eight to ten times, so that it forms a ball. Leave to rest for 10 minutes.

Repeat the step above twice so that you’ve worked the dough three times and it has rested for an hour in total.

Dust a proving basket liberally with rice flour or semolina. Wet your fingers, work them around the bottom of the ball of dough, and gently transfer it to the proving basket, keeping the seam upwards.

Cover with a tea towel and leave in a warm place to prove. Depending on the temperature and the activity of the yeast, it may take three to six hours to gain about 50 per cent in size.

When the loaf has proved, preheat the oven to 230°C (210°C fan)/gas mark 8, with a heavy baking tray or baking stone on the middle shelf, and add a source of steam. Turn the loaf out of the proving basket onto the heated surface, cut it twice across the top with a sharp blade or scissors, then place it in the oven.

Bake for 10 minutes, then reduce the temperature to 210°C (190°C fan)/gas mark 6 and bake for another 40 minutes, or until the loaf is done and sounds hollow on the base when tapped with a fingertip. Leave to cool on a wire rack before eating.

Chocolate sweet and sourdough recipe

Roly says: “This rich chocolate treat is a healthier alternative to cake. Try lightly toasting a slice and serving it with a dollop of vanilla ice cream…”

  • 150g starter
  • 200ml warm water
  • 350g strong white bread flour
  • 7.5g (1½ tsp) fine salt
  • 2 tbsp cocoa powder
  • 100g raisins
  • 50g milk or plain chocolate, grated or finely chopped
  • rice flour or semolina, for dusting

In a large mixing bowl, whisk together the starter and warm water.

In another large bowl, mix the flour with the salt, cocoa powder, raisins and chocolate. Add this to the wet mixture and mix well with your hand until the ingredients are evenly distributed. Cover the bowl with a clean tea towel and leave to rest for 30 minutes.

Wet your hands, then pull, fold and rotate the dough 8—10 times, so that it forms a ball. Cover the bowl with a tea towel and leave it to rest for 10 minutes. Repeat this step twice so that you’ve worked the dough three times and it has rested for an hour in total.

Dust a proving basket with rice flour. Wet your fingers, work them around the bottom of the ball of dough and gently transfer it to the proving basket, keeping the seam upwards.

Cover with a tea towel and leave in a warm place to prove. Depending on the temperature, it may take around three hours to gain about 50 per cent in size.

Preheat the oven to 230°C (210°C fan)/gas mark 8 and cut a piece of baking parchment about 35—40cm square. When the oven is ready, tip the loaf gently out of the proving basket and onto the centre of the baking parchment. Place the parchment and dough into a 1.8 litre casserole, then use scissors to make a couple of cuts, 2cm deep, into the top of the dough. Put the lid on the casserole.

Place the casserole on the middle shelf of the oven. There is no need to add a source of steam.

After 25 minutes, remove the lid of the casserole so the crust can brown. After another 20 minutes, remove the casserole from the oven, remove the loaf, and tap its base: if it sounds hollow, the loaf is done. If not, place it back in the casserole and back in the oven for another 5—10 minutes, then test again. Leave to cool on a wire rack before eating.

How to Raise a Loaf and Fall in Love with Sourdough by Roly Allen (£12.99, Laurence King) is out now

45 Mouth-Watering Bread Recipes That You Can Easily Make at Home

Jennifer is a full-time homesteader who started her journey in the foothills of North Carolina in 2010. Currently, she spends her days gardening, caring for her orchard and vineyard, raising chickens, ducks, goats, and bees. Jennifer is an avid canner who provides almost all food for her family needs. She enjoys working on DIY remodeling projects to bring beauty to her homestead in her spare times.

As someone who loves making bread, I know the smell of fresh bread can make a home feel welcoming. I know that a loaf of bread can be turned into many delicious meals and snacks. I also know that a fresh loaf of bread can be a trademark for the heart.

But what’s my point exactly?

Basically, smells and tastes hold important memories for us, and making homemade bread is the best way to arouse those emotions.

That’s why bread making is an amazing experience.

But beyond all that, making your own bread can also be economical and a great skill that will ensure that with few ingredients you and your family will probably never go hungry.

Today I’m bringing you a ton of delicious bread recipes so you can enjoy your daily bread in a delicious fashion.

1. The Perfect White Bread

If this loaf of bread does not get your mouth watering then you might want to get your taste buds checked. Not only does it appear as a picture-perfect loaf but you can almost smell it through the internet.

If you are a sandwich lover or even a bread and butter type of person then you would love to have this recipe around. It could become a favorite treat or just something you turn to for everyday use.

2. Bread In A Bag

Do you love freshly baked bread but hate the mess? Well, you don’t have to let that stand in your way any longer.

Thankfully, someone came up with a great idea to actually mix your bread ingredients in a bag. The only way it will get easier than this is if you purchase a bread machine. So what more could you ask for, simplicity and cheap.

You can up your bread game by making your own flour with a grain mill.

3. Multigrain Bread

Do you love your bread but need a healthier option besides the basic white bread? I can understand that. That is why we are bringing you this healthy option. Doesn’t it look delicious?

And beyond the fact that it is healthy, it is very basic to make and actually takes less time than some white bread recipes do. So why not give it a go?

4. Pretzel Bread

Pretzel bread is a great treat every now and then. They are great for burgers and different sandwiches.

But you might also enjoy this type of bread for just some jam and toast. Either way, give it a try. I doubt you’ll be disappointed.

5. Challah Bread

Challah bread is a very unique but beautiful bread. It has a great flavor but is most easily identified by the braiding technique that gives it its unique style.

However, I will say that the braiding technique can be a little tricky. If you are a beginner at baking bread then you might not want to start with this recipe.

6. Honey Buttermilk Bread

I really like this recipe. The reason is that it helps me to utilize two very common ingredients in my kitchen.

When I have excess buttermilk hanging around and extra honey then why not put the two together and make a delicious loaf of bread?

7. Garlic And Herb Pull Apart Bread

If you’d like a snack or just an extra special dinner bread then this might be it. It is full of garlic and herbs that complement each other really well.

So if you like a really soft and savory bread then give this one a go. I’d imagine you’ll be glad you did.

8. Sourdough Bread

In my opinion, one of the best sandwich bread is sourdough. It makes a killer grilled cheese or BLT.

But it also goes so well with fresh homemade peasant soup. So if you need a hearty bread for sandwiches or soup then give sourdough a try.

9. Amish Sweet Bread

I’m not sure if you’ve ever been to a real Amish store or Amish country. I’m very fortunate to live very close to the Amish so I love to go visit their store and smell all of the fresh-baked bread.

Give this Amish sweet bread a go. You won’t be disappointed. Who knows? It might encourage you to find an Amish store and go give it a visit. They are wonderful and full of delicious items.

10. English Muffin Bread

Are you a fan of English muffins? Oh, me too! I love them for breakfast with fresh made jams and jellies.

If you like the idea of having fresh English muffins in loaf form then you’ll probably love this recipe.

11. Homemade Flour Tortillas

Homemade flour tortillas really aren’t that difficult to make and they can certainly send a meal over the top.

Instead of buying flour tortillas at the store, save yourself some money and get a more flavorful option too with this homemade recipe.

12. Sweet Brown Molasses Rolls

Dinner rolls are like the exclamation point on a good meal. Around my house, my boys are bread eaters.

I know if I fix rolls there is at least one item no one will bicker over having to eat. These rolls would be a great complement to any meal. Give them a try!

13. Cinnamon Apple Bread

This bread just looks delicious. If it looks this good, I can’t imagine how good it must taste. I can imagine serving it up warm with a hot cup of coffee or cocoa. It would be a wonderful snack.

In case you are like me and love all things cinnamon and apple then you will probably love this bread too.

14. Easy French Bread

This French bread recipe is great for the beginner bread maker and those that are working on a meager budget.

If it happens that you fit into either of these categories, you shouldn’t be disappointed with this recipe. It would be a great addition to any meal or for a quick sandwich.

15. Zucchini Bread

Every year we have a slew of zucchini and squash. It is good to have a recipe that utilizes them beyond the basic casserole, chips, or freezing.

If you have zucchini you need to use or if you just like zucchini bread then give this recipe a go.

16. Amish White Bread

Everyone needs a solid white bread recipe. The reason is that it is so versatile. It is great to go with dinner, breakfast, make a sandwich for lunch, or enjoy as a snack with honey or jam.

If any of that sounds good to you then you’ll love this recipe. Add to your dinner tonight and see what you think.

17. Homemade Pitta Bread

Would you believe that pitta bread is one of my favorite bread? You can make delicious recipes with them which I absolutely love.

You might remember when I talked about how much I loved sandwiches. Well, this bread gives you a different alternative for the basic sandwich. Give it a shot!

18. Hokkaido Milk Bread

This milk bread just looks delicious! It looks kind of moist and easy to pull apart. I’m assuming from the milk content and technique.

If you happen to like a very moist bread then give this recipe a try. I doubt you’ll be sorry that you did.

19. Garlic Herb Pepperoni Bread

If the name alone does not catch your attention then I’m not sure what will. It is a more savory bread option, obviously. But I can’t help but think how great this would go along with a meal.

However, what makes this bread even more satisfying is that it can be accomplished inside a bread machine. That’s right. No actual hands-on preparation is needed. Add the ingredients and hit a button. And you’re done!

20. Rosemary Tomato Parmesan Bread

This is another one that the name alone should probably catch your attention. But if not, the pictures probably will.

This bread is another savory option. I would imagine it would go great with Italian meals like spaghetti or chicken parmesan.

21. Gluten Free Beer Bread

If you are someone that has a gluten allergy but has a love for the taste of beer then this bread will be right up your alley.

However, the greatest thing about this bread is that it is very versatile. You can transform it into a loaf, dinner rolls, or even hamburger buns and it would still taste wonderful.

22. Crusty French Bread

I am personally a huge fan of French bread. I love how frugal it is to make. And I also love how versatile it is. French bread can be used for sandwiches, with soups, or even to be eaten alone with herbs and butter.

But this recipe is even better because it makes a crusty French bread. The crust holds up well to any recipe or form you choose to use it in.

23. Artichoke Dip Stuffed Bread

This recipe would make a great appetizer or just a snack. I keep seeing it as a treat during football season.

But however you choose to serve it, just realize the ingredients are simple, the recipe itself is simple, and it looks delicious. That adds up to a score in my book.

24. Cheddar Jalapeno Buttermilk Bread

Okay, if buttermilk bread did not sound good to you from the start I’m really confused. But if jalapeno cheddar buttermilk bread doesn’t sound good, I’m flabbergasted! Buttermilk has a way of making things moist and delectable.

But jalapeno cheddar takes things to a whole new savory, spicy level. So I dare say, if you don’t give this recipe a try you’ll be missing out.

25. Banana Bread

If you were to ask me what my favorite, easiest, most frugal dessert is, banana bread would be it. I mean, it is so easy to make, and I also love the fact that it enables you to utilize something that otherwise you’d probably have to toss.

When your bananas start to become a little too ripe, don’t toss them. Oh no, turn them into a simple dessert that will rock your taste buds.

26. Apple Fritter Bread

When I think of apple fritters I think of two things. The first being The Apple Barn in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. The second being my grandfather. The Apple Barn makes the best apple fritters I’ve ever tasted. While my grandfather always loved eating them!

Needless to say, this bread recipe is special to me because of my fond memories. If you aren’t near Pigeon Forge don’t worry, make this recipe to hold you over until you can get there so you can make your own memories.

27. Glazed Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal Bread

If you are on the hunt for a delicious dessert bread, my friend, this is it. If the picture doesn’t draw you in, I feel certain the flavors will.

If you love the taste of apple and cinnamon with some glaze thrown in the mix then you are heading in the right direction with this recipe.

28. Easy 100% Whole Wheat Sandwich Bread

That is a long title with a lot of ‘oomph’ behind it. I am personally a huge fan of whole wheat bread. Though, I know now doctors say it has to be 100% whole grain to be super healthy for diabetics and people with other illnesses.

But I grew up in the time when whole wheat was thought to be the healthiest and therefore, was what I was accustomed to for sandwich bread. When I saw this recipe, it was something I definitely wanted to give a try.

29. Easy Focaccia Bread With Herbs

Are you a fan of focaccia bread? Well, I am. If you haven’t noticed I make a lot of memories around food. This recipe actually takes me back to my younger days when I worked in the restaurant business. We used focaccia for a few recipes and it was always delicious.

I like this recipe because that means I can try to duplicate some recipes that I haven’t had in years. That is awesome and I’m sure it will be tasty too!

30. Mozzarella Parmesan Buttermilk Quick Bread

Okay, so you like the idea of baking fresh bread. It is handy and frugal, but you don’t have the time to spend hours on end baking bread.

Well, with this recipe you won’t have to. It is a quick bread that is savory, delicious, and all yours in an hour and ten minutes.

31. Potato Bread

Potato bread reminds me of my mom and great grandmother. Both of them made potato bread their preference when making sandwiches.

Now when I see it, my thoughts turn to them. But besides the fond memories, it also just looks delicious. You can’t help but crave a piece by just looking at a picture of it.

32. Irish Soda Bread

If you have a few ingredients in your home, you can still make this bread. It requires buttermilk, flour, and baking soda along with a few other basic ingredients.

But what is also different about this bread is that it is made in a circular form. It kind of reminds me of cornbread. Why not sub this out for your cornbread next time. It would be a nice change.

33. Snickerdoodle Loaf

I’ll be honest. I have a huge weakness for baked goods. They are good and cheap to make. And they make my house smell wonderful!

And needless to say, if I love baked goods, then I love cookies….especially snickerdoodle cookies. When you can have that in a loaf of bread that requires even less effort to create something delicious, oh my, I’m there.

34. Lemon Raspberry Loaf Bread

This loaf of bread looks good and honestly, I’m not a big fan of lemon. But I do love raspberry.

However, I know a lot of people are huge fans of lemon-flavored desserts. So if you are in the category then you will probably love this recipe.

35. Lemon Blueberry Loaf Bread

Again, I’m not a huge fan of lemon (besides lemonade) but everyone else in my household loves lemon everything.

If you are like them and love all things lemon then you must try this recipe. It will surely strike your fancy.

36. Buttermilk Biscuits With Sausage Gravy

Any true southerner knows that this meal is not just breakfast food. Oh no, it goes for lunch and dinner too.

Needless to say, it had to find its way in this article because my husband and children would disown me if I didn’t. I do believe they’d eat homemade biscuits and gravy every day of their life if I’d make it.

37. Triple Chocolate Bread

This bread could seriously cause death by chocolate (okay, so I’m not that serious.) But it does look to be rich.

In case you are a chocoholic (like me) then you’ll love this. If not, we can still be friends. After all, that would just mean more for me.

38. Fig Bread

For those that aren’t 100% positive about their impression of figs, I’m going to encourage you to try this bread before you make up your mind.

Why? Because the ingredients alone look sublime and this bread looks more like an extremely moist cake. And you will be hard-pressed to get me to turn my back on the cake.

39. Homemade Naan

If you are unfamiliar with naan, it is a frugal, simple bread that cooks in a skillet. It is great with some oil and herbs.

If you are looking for a more simple type of bread to go with supper or lunch then give this bread a try. It does still take a couple of hours to make but it is something I deem worth the time.

40. Bacon Cheese Ranch Pull Apart Bread

The words bacon, cheese, ranch, and pull apart bread should be enough to make this bread worth any amount of effort it takes to make it.

Once again, you can tell I have an extreme weakness for anything that is cheesy with bacon and ranch. The fact that this bread looks savory and moist is just an added bonus.

41. Croissants

I’ll be straight with you. Croissants are not an easy bread to make homemade. Why do you think so many people buy the break and bake kind from the grocery?

But they are good! And totally worth the effort in my opinion. But I also love ham and cheese croissants for breakfast. So I’m a little bias.

42. Carrot Cake Zucchini Bread

I need to start off by letting you know up front that this bread also comes with a topping of cream cheese frosting.

If that doesn’t make you want to eat your vegetables in this loaf of bread, I don’t know what will. Because it sure looks delicious.

43. Cornbread Delishiousness

Cornbread is such an ancient and much-loved staple, that we have dedicated a whole post to the origin and history of cornbread, plus five different recipes.

Even a modern take on cornbread – the gluten-free cornbread – is included in those five recipes which we are sure you will want to try out soon.

44. Artisan Bread

Artisan bread is a very easy bread to make. If you are a beginner at bread making then you might want to begin with this recipe.

But I also love this bread, again, because of its circular shape. It has a family feel to it. And I love those types of loaves because then you don’t have to cut them. Everyone can just grab a piece off and enjoy it.

45. Hawaiian Bread

I am a huge fan of Hawaiian bread. I love it in loaf and roll form. It is just a sweeter type of bread that goes great with just about anything.

But my favorite dish to put with Hawaiian bread is barbecue. It has a way of adding a special touch to that meal. If you love to barbecue or just a sweeter dinner bread then this bread is for you.

Well, there you have it, friends.

You have 45 bread recipes to keep you very busy in your kitchen. But it will also help you save money and have some delicious treats to share with friends and family.

25 Amazing Bread Machine Recipes That Make Home Baking a Breeze

When it comes to baking bread at home from scratch, things can get tricky. Thankfully, that's where the amazing bread machine comes in! This handy kitchen appliance can make baking homemade bread a breeze by doing all the mixing, kneading, rising (and even baking!) with the push of a button. Whether you're a beginner or a pro baker, using the bread machine truly couldn't be easier, faster, or more convenient: Just add the ingredients of your bread machine recipe, wait for it to bake, and voila! Of course, if you'd rather go fancier than a simple loaf, you can also just use the dough setting of your bread machine to mix, knead, and rise the dough &mdash then shape it by hand to bake it in your conventional oven.

One thing to remember is that all bread machines are different, so you should make sure to follow the instruction manual that came with your specific bread machine for safe and proper usage. But once you've figured out how to use your handy appliance, you'll find that there's a whole world of delicious and easy bread machine recipes out there &mdash from simple white and whole wheat bread for your sandwiches to the best sourdough, dinner rolls, and even desserts such as donuts and banana bread! Whether you're going for simple and healthy or fancy and scrumptious, here are 25 best bread machine recipes for you to try next.

Unusual Bread Recipes That Will Surprise You!

1. Olive, Bacon and Cheese Bread

No cooking skills required for this olive, bacon and cheese bread recipe. Just cut your ingredients, prepare your mix, dump it all into a buttered loaf pan, let it bake for an hour, and you’ve got yourself the perfect lunch fix.

2. Vegan Rosemary Avocado Quick Bread

Another easy recipe, this rosemary avocado quick bread is vegan-friendly, unbelievably moist and a great pairing with any kind of soup. So, unusual bread flavors, you say? Get a taste of this exciting rosemary and avocado combo!

3. Traditional White Irish Soda Bread

Unless your family has ties to Ireland, you probably don’t have this traditional white Irish soda bread recipe in your cookbook. So it’s a good thing we’ve picked out our favorite one for you. Best of all, it doesn’t even require strong baking skills.

4. Tomato Basil Bread

Its slightly red hue might initially throw you off, but this simple tomato basil bread recipe has a slight pizza taste and can be ready in under an hour. If you’re looking for unusual yet familiarly flavored bread recipes, this one should make it to your list.

5. Steakhouse Bread

If you’ve ever dined at a steakhouse, then you’re probably familiar with the warm and dark-colored bread slices that come served with a bowl of whipped butter before your meal. Instead of having to go out to get a delicious slice, bake it at home!

6. Red Velvet Banana Bread

Red velvet and banana sound like they don’t belong together, but that’s because you’ve never tried this red velvet banana bread recipe. Once you take that first moist bite and the flavors blend and melt into your mouth, you won’t even remember why you doubted bringing this to life.

7. White Chocolate Coconut Pumpkin Bread

Give that pumpkin bread recipe you’ve baked for the past few years a makeover! Just add the sweet crunch of coconut and the glaze of white chocolate coconut as the icing on top and you’ve got a whole other dish on your hands.

8. Honey Beer Bread

Instead of sipping that beer, put it down…and dump it in your bread recipe? Yes, this honey beer bread is made of two things: honey and beer (and some other unimportant ingredients).

9. Peanut Butter Bread with Maple Glaze

Say hello to your new favorite breakfast! Banana bread. Smothered with peanut butter. Drizzled with maple syrup. Get that mouthwatering peanut butter banana bread recipe here.

10. Cream Cheese Chocolate Bread

Remember when I said that the peanut butter bread with maple glaze would be your new favorite breakfast? I may have spoken too soon. This cream cheese chocolate bread is simply extraordinary.

Watch this video from Food Wishes for Focaccia recipe–an Italian bread with rosemary and sea salt:

Homemade bread can come in all shapes and sizes and contain all kinds of weird and wonderful ingredients to tempt your taste buds…as long as you’re open to the idea. This interesting collection of different bread recipes will spark your imagination. Pretty soon you’ll be trying on different flavors of your own. Try these unusual bread recipes now and make your own unusual artisan bread recipe!

Are there any other unusual bread recipes that you want to see us try out? Let us know in the comments below and we’ll feature some of our favorite ones in the future!

Don’t forget to keep in touch, foodies!

Also, make sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter!

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on October 2, 2015, and has been updated for quality and relevancy.


I would like to see some Indian breads like Garlic Naan as well as Ethiopian bread called Injera. Those would be fun to make, I think! Thanks for letting me add my 2 cents. Love your website!

5. Simple No-Knead Rye Bread

Diana Ghidanac

Out of all of these recipes listed, this rye bread is definitely the quickest to make because it's leavened with baking soda and doesn't require any yeast. You can just mix your ingredients and start baking right away, which is perfect if you're short on time. An important tip in the recipe is to mix from the bottom up to ensure that all of the flour is incorporated. It should be a very dense dough and be packed into your loaf pan as flat as possible (that'll help it rise evenly in the oven).

75 Sourdough Recipes to Transport Your Senses to Taste Paradise

Jennifer is a full-time homesteader who started her journey in the foothills of North Carolina in 2010. Currently, she spends her days gardening, caring for her orchard and vineyard, raising chickens, ducks, goats, and bees. Jennifer is an avid canner who provides almost all food for her family needs. She enjoys working on DIY remodeling projects to bring beauty to her homestead in her spare times.

Have you ever been to a local deli or bakery? As soon as you walk through the door, the delicious scent of freshly baked bread hits you right in the nose.

Suddenly your eyes see the case where all the bread are displayed, and you see delicious sourdough bread.

Almost racing to the counter, you cannot wait to indulge your taste buds in what your eyes and nose have stalked since the doorway.

Well, you no longer have to make the trip to the deli or bakery to indulge in tasty sourdough recipes. We’re bringing you the internet’s best sourdough recipes to make for yourself.

Here is the delicious sourdough recipes your taste buds desire:

1. Picnicin’ Sourdough Pound Cake

Pound cake is my husband’s favorite dessert. It’s delicious and requires only basic ingredients most people keep in their kitchen.

This pound cake goes a little further by incorporating the tasty element of sourdough. If you love sourdough recipes, and you love pound cake, you’ll love this recipe.

2. Sourdough Calzones

I love calzones. They’re an amazing Italian treat filled with cheese and other delicious ingredients. This recipe takes the traditional calzone one step further.

The extra special treat is in the dough. Instead of using the basic dough, they incorporate sourdough into this already delicious meal.

3. Onion and Garlic Filled Bialy

Bialy isn’t a familiar recipe for many people. If you’re unfamiliar with it, it’s a loaf of bread which originated in Poland.

It has an indentation in the middle and is filled with toppings. In this recipe, the sourdough bread is filled with onions and garlic.

4. Walnut and Rye Sourdough Bread

When your mind goes to sourdough, you might envision a plain loaf of bread with an interesting and delicious flavor.

This recipe takes this a step further by incorporating rye and walnuts into a sourdough recipe. It’s a unique and delicious twist.

5. Sourdough in a Bread Machine

Many people love sourdough bread, but they don’t like it enough to make it from scratch. Sourdough takes more work than other types of bread because of the starter.

However, you can take some of the work out of making sourdough from scratch with this recipe which uses a bread machine.

6. Sourdough Breadsticks

If you’ve ever tasted sourdough bread, you know how delicious and tangy it is. The fermentation process adds a unique and wonderful flavor.

However, as great as this flavor is in sandwiches, it’s even better in breadsticks. If you love to munch on breadsticks as a snack or side dish, try these.

7. Gluten Free Sourdough Starter

Making sourdough requires a starter. If you have a gluten allergy, you can feel as though this type of bread is out of the realm of what you can eat.

Well, it doesn’t have to be. This recipe shows you how to make the starter for sourdough with no gluten involved.

8. Sourdough Breakfast Egg Casserole

I love overnight casseroles. They make breakfasts on important mornings a ton easier. This recipe is no different.

It calls for sourdough bread in the bottom of the casserole, eggs, sausage, and cheese to top it off. You refrigerate overnight and bake in the morning for a delicious breakfast.

9. Double Chocolate Sourdough Loaf

Do you love sourdough? Do you love chocolate? Do you have a sourdough starter in the works? If you answered yes to these questions, you have what you need to make this recipe.

It requires only a few essential ingredients like flour, cocoa, and sourdough starter to create a delicious dessert bread.

10. Sourdough French Toast

French toast is a delicious and filling breakfast. It’s a favorite for small children and adults alike. If you haven’t had French toast with sourdough bread, you’re missing out.

Well, you won’t have to miss out any longer after viewing this recipe. It shows you how to make this delicious breakfast option step-by-step.

11. Sourdough Zucchini Nut Bread

Do you struggle to get your vegetables in on a daily basis? Zucchini bread is a great way to slide them in under the radar.

I use zucchini bread around my house to sneak vegetables into my children’s diets without them realizing it. Add some sourdough starter, and you have a delicious and semi-healthy treat.

12. Basic Sourdough Muffins

Baking muffins can be great, but it’s also a way to rack up many different sourdough recipes. Sometimes it can be overwhelming when you’re in a hurry to get breakfast on the table.

This recipe is a great go-to recipe because you can make different variations to it, but it’s a great base recipe for sourdough muffins.

13. Sourdough Bread Bowls

It’s common when you go to a restaurant to see different soups served in sourdough bread bowls. One of the most common is potato soup.

Well, if you want to serve your soups in bread bowls at home, this recipe shows you how to create delicious sourdough bread bowls.

14. Sourdough Roasted Garlic Bread

This bread looks delicious. It’s a sourdough loaf with roasted garlic placed inside the bread. When you cut it open, out pours the garlic.

If you love sourdough bread and garlic bread, you’ll love this combination. It would make for a great bread to go with a BBQ.

15. Sourdough Gingerbread

Gingerbread is a delicious dessert bread which has nice warm spices added to the ingredients. Add the typical spice and the tang from the sourdough, and you have a treat on your hands.

This recipe walks you through the entire process of creating this delicious and unique dessert bread. It could become your new favorite.

16. Sourdough Beet Bread

Do you grow beets in your garden? Do you enjoy sourdough bread? Why not combine the two with this delicious recipe?

It’s a simple recipe requiring beet puree, flour, starter, salt, and water. Mix it all, and you should have a delicious loaf of bread.

17. Sourdough Garlic Parmesan Pinwheels

If bread is a part of your dinner on a regular basis, you’ll be happy to come across this recipe. It’s a great addition to most any meal.

They require few ingredients and little time involved to bring them to completion. This is a delicious and cheesy way to wind down at the end of the day.

18. Sourdough Popovers

When you make a sourdough starter, it’s common to have leftover sourdough. Don’t waste the leftovers.

Instead, use them to make this delicious treat. Popovers are a great snack and a great addition to a meal too.

19. Sourdough Battered Onion Rings

I love onion rings. They are a great addition to your hamburger or hot dog. They make wonderful appetizers too.

But onion rings battered in sourdough sounds even better. If you’re an onion ring fan and would like to try a slightly different recipe, give this one a shot.

20. The Sourdough Farm Life

When you think of a farm kitchen, there are a few things which come to mind. One would be the butcher-block table or counters.

The others would be the farm sink, and the delicious loaf of sourdough bread sitting on the table. This recipe can help you achieve the beautiful sourdough loaf you’ve always imagined.

21. Sourdough Pretzel Crackers

This recipe is a fun way to incorporate two great snacks and sourdough all in one. If you like crackers and pretzels, you’ll love this recipe.

It’s a pretzel made into a cracker and sourdough starter has been added to the ingredients list as well. What a delicious and unique treat.

22. Sourdough Danish Pastry

Pastries are a wonderful dessert and breakfast item. They can also be challenging to create, which is why many people stay away from them.

But this doesn’t have to be the case. This recipe for a Danish sourdough pastry provides an easy tutorial for walking you through the process.

23. Sourdough Coffee Cake

Coffee cake is a delicious dessert. It’s also a great afternoon snack when you sip on a cup of coffee to get a caffeine boost to make it through the rest of the day.

Whatever your reason for enjoying coffee cake, give this recipe a try. With the added sourdough ingredient, you won’t be disappointed.

24. Sourdough Hummingbird Muffins

Hummingbird cake should be illegal – it’s such a delicious dessert. Well, another baking genius decided having hummingbird cake for dessert wasn’t good enough.

With this, they decided to make a recipe for hummingbird muffins to enjoy at breakfast. They took it one step further and included sourdough in the recipe as well. What a delicious way to start the day.

25. Buttermilk Beignets

Beignets are a delicious snack and can be enjoyed as a breakfast or dessert as well. They don’t require any fancy ingredients to get started.

If you have a sourdough starter and basic kitchen staples, you can make them in no time flat. This recipe walks you through each step making it much easier to find success with beignets.

26. Sourdough Discard Cookie Bars

When creating a sourdough starter, it’s common to have to discard some of it. It’s part of the process. Why waste it, though?

Instead, you can make delicious cookie bars and include the discarded sourdough. It’ll create a sweet and tangy treat you’ll be sure to enjoy.

27. Sourdough Ciabatta Rolls

Do you prefer a sturdier dinner roll? Ciabatta bread can be an excellent choice to serve alongside soups or even pasta.

But what if you could incorporate sourdough into your ciabatta rolls? Thanks to this recipe you can. It can add some tang to your meal.

28. Walnut and Raisin Sourdough

Sourdough bread is recognized by its tangy flavor. A favorite flavor combination is sweet and tangy. You can achieve this flavor profile with this recipe.

The next time you want a sourdough bread for breakfast or dessert, try following this recipe where you add walnuts and raisins for the perfect taste.

29. Sourdough Applesauce Spice Cake

A sourdough cake sounds delicious, but this recipe didn’t stop there. They created a sourdough spice cake.

However, they added one more flavor to the entire flavor profile. This addition is applesauce. Not only does it add a hint of apple, but it also adds moisture to the cake as well.

30. Sourdough Dumplings

Nothing beats the classic dish of chicken and dumplings. If you have dumpling lovers in your home, you must try this recipe.

Instead of going with traditional style dumplings, this recipe includes sourdough starter to give the dumplings a unique flavor.

31. Sausage and Egg Stuffed Sourdough Breakfast Rolls

We don’t eat breakfast rolls for breakfast as commonly as previous generations did. But if you’re looking for a blast from the past breakfast, try this one.

Not only do you have sourdough rolls for breakfast, but they’re stuffed with both sausage and eggs for a complete meal in one compact package.

32. Cinnamon Apple Sourdough Flat Bread

Looking for a sweet treat? Wanting something a little different from the norm? Consider this cinnamon apple sourdough flatbread.

It’s a flatbread created with sourdough starter. It’s topped with cinnamon and apples for a delicious and flavorful dessert.

33. Sourdough Recipes Starter

I shared a gluten-free option for a sourdough starter above. However, if you don’t have a gluten allergy, you may want a traditional starter recipe.

Not to mention, if any of these other sourdough recipes are striking your fancy, you need to know how to create a starter. This recipe has exactly what you need.

34. Sourdough Recipes for Hot Cross Buns

Hot cross buns are a great addition to any dinner, but many people enjoy them around Easter because of the cross in the center.

Whatever the occasion, this recipe is a great way to make the cross buns. It includes sourdough starter which gives the buns a slightly different flavor.

35. Discard Sourdough Sticky Buns

When making a sourdough starter, it’s typical to discard some of the sourdoughs. You shouldn’t toss the starter though.

Instead, put it to work on these sticky buns. They make a sweet and delicious treat and also help you to keep from wasting any of your sourdough.

36. Sourdough Recipes for Burger Buns

I love to save money. To me, it’s wise to make what you can because if you purchase it, you’ll probably pay more.

When I found this recipe for sourdough buns, I knew it must be shared. They’re easy to make, have a delicious flavor, and require only a few basic ingredients which make them cost effective too.

37. Sourdough Pumpkin Spice Scones

Scones are a simple dessert or breakfast idea. They can be made in many different flavors. This flavor variety caught my attention because our family loves pumpkin spice.

Seriously, what more could you ask for? This recipe combines pumpkin spice with the tang of sourdough. It sounds extremely delicious.

38. Sourdough Crumpets

Crumpets aren’t something many are familiar with. It was a typical treat served with tea or coffee in previous times.

After finding this recipe, I can see why. They’re very frugal to make, and they pack a delicious flavor between the sourdough starter and the sweetness of the sugar.

39. Overnight Sourdough Waffles

Sourdough is delicious. Whatever you go to make with it can also be guaranteed to be tasty too. Yet, when you make breakfast foods with it, the sourdough recipes seem to taste all the better.

These overnight sourdough waffles are no different. What’s even better, you can start the waffles the night before for a quick and delicious breakfast.

40. Sourdough Spice Cake

Do you like a traditional spice cake? Well, you’ll love this recipe. It has many of the same components of a spice cake.

However, it also includes a sourdough starter and a delicious cream cheese icing to finish the dessert. It’s a delightful and simple recipe.

41. Jalapeno Sourdough Cornbread

Most don’t associate sourdough bread with cornbread. You can’t say this tomorrow. This recipe adds a sourdough starter to a delicious cornbread recipe.

However, it isn’t only tangy from the sourdough. It’s also spicy because there are jalapenos in the mix as well.

42. Sourdough Recipes for Sugar Cookies

I love sugar cookies. They’re easy to make and have a delicious flavor. This recipe takes a tradition and adds a nice twist to it.

If you have a sourdough starter, use it with these cookies. It creates a simple and delicious dessert.

43. Sourdough Croissants

Croissants are one of my favorite breakfast foods. You can put honey on them, add jelly, or place meat and cheeses on them for a protein-packed meal.

Either way, knowing they can be made with this recipe and have a sourdough twist in the mix, makes them even more delectable.

44. Sourdough Crepes

I remember the first time I heard of crepes. I was at a morning wedding in high school, and they looked delicious.

When I saw this recipe combining crepes with sourdough starter, I knew they were a winner recipe to be shared.

45. Sourdough Pie Crust

I enjoy baking pies, and after I learned how to make a pie crust, I appreciate this part of the process too. When I saw this recipe, which incorporated sourdough starter with a pie crust, I knew it would be delicious.

The next time you’re up for baking a pie, add a different flavor profile to the recipe with this pie crust. It will be scrumptious.

46. Sourdough Peanut Butter Beatnik Cookies

Peanut butter cookies are a great cookie to make. The reason being most people can make them with very few problems.

But what if you want to add something special to a classic recipe? You follow this recipe which incorporates sourdough into this delicious dessert classic.

47. Sourdough Banana Bread

Banana bread is a favorite dessert of mine which I make regularly. The reason is that it’s simple and inexpensive to make.

Well, the next time you want to make banana bread consider using this recipe for an interesting twist on the traditional banana bread.

48. Sourdough Pita Bread

Pita bread is a great change of pace in the world of sandwiches. They’re great for stuffing with lots of delicious ingredients.

It’s also an inexpensive way to feed a crowd. The next time you want pita bread, make your own with this delicious sourdough recipe.

49. Sourdough Cloud Biscuits

Biscuits are a favorite around my house. We live in the south which means biscuits and gravy are almost their own food group.

The next time you make biscuits, consider using this recipe for delicious sourdough biscuits. It creates light, fluffy biscuits you’re sure to enjoy.

50. Sourdough Monkey Bread

Monkey bread is a delicious and inexpensive treat. If you’d like to put a twist on a traditional recipe, try this one.

You’ll love the subtle tang of the sourdough while still enjoying the sweetness of traditional monkey bread.

51. Crock Pot Sourdough Bread

Sourdough bread is a delicious type of bread which is excellent for baking rolls or for making sandwich bread.

Whatever you like to do with sourdough, you’ll love it even more now. Thanks to this recipe, it can now be made your crock pot.

52. Sourdough Breakfast Rolls

I had mentioned a recipe for stuffed breakfast rolls above. But what if you only want basic breakfast rolls?

Well, this recipe is meant for you then. Breakfast rolls are an older breakfast which can be brought back to your kitchen starting now.

53. Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Sourdough Muffins

Oatmeal chocolate chip muffins sound lovely, don’t they? If you’d like to add a little tang to your breakfast, you’ll love this recipe.

Not only does it include the sweetness of the oats with the chocolate chips it also consists of some sourdough starter for a little kick to start your day.

54. Oatmeal Honey Sourdough Bread

This bread sounds delicious. Whether you’d use it to put jam on or to make a sandwich, it would be a great fit.

It calls for a few basic ingredients such as sourdough starter, flour, water, honey, oats, and a few other basic staples. If you have them in your kitchen, you’re ready to start baking.

55. Sourdough Cornbread

I shared a recipe above for sourdough jalapeno cornbread, but I wanted to share a traditional recipe for sourdough cornbread as well.

If you like cornbread without spice and would like to incorporate your sourdough starter in another area of your kitchen, try this recipe.

56. Sourdough Carrot Cake

Carrot cake is one of my favorite desserts. I prefer to cook as old-fashioned in my kitchen as I can. This is an old-timer recipe, and most who come through my kitchen love it.

If you’re looking for a sweet carrot cake covered in cream cheese icing, and you wish to make it with sourdough recipes too, you’re going to love this.

57. Sourdough Pancakes

One of my favorite breakfast options is sourdough pancakes. They taste different than traditional pancakes.

The sourdough has a way of making them feel more like home. If you’d like to make a ‘homey’ breakfast, consider this recipe.

58. Simple Sourdough Baguette

Baguettes are great for many different things in the kitchen. Whatever your purpose, check out this recipe.

Not only do you get the traditional baguette, but you get an added flavor from the sourdough component to the recipe.

59. Blackberry Sourdough Scones

I have a large blackberry patch on my property. We produce a ton of blackberries every year. I tend to run out of things to do with them by the end of the season.

However, I now have a new recipe to add to the mix. This sourdough scone has a hint of tang and hint of sweetness between the sourdough and the blackberries.

60. Chocolate Sourdough Cake

When sourdough comes to mind, bread is usually what follows. After trying this recipe, cake will be what comes to mind.

If you love a moist chocolate cake with a little tang to it, check out this recipe.

61. Sourdough Chocolate Babka

Are you on the lookout for a delicious sweet bread recipe? You’ve come to the right place. This recipe looks amazing.

It incorporates sourdough starter, chocolate, and sugar into one fantastic loaf you’re sure to love.

62. Cast-Iron Sourdough Pancakes

I shared a recipe for sourdough pancakes, but I haven’t shared this recipe. It’s an amazing way to have a hum-dinger of a breakfast.

You follow each step of the recipe to the end where you create the pancakes in a cast-iron skillet. What you come out with is an oversized pancake and a delicious way to start your day.

63. Sourdough Cinnamon Sugar Doughnuts

This is a traditional doughnut recipe made with buttermilk. The unique part of it is the sourdough starter is included in the recipe.

Once the batter is brought together, you deep fry the doughnuts for an amazing homemade breakfast.

64. Easy Sourdough Cheddar Bread

If you love sourdough and cheddar, you’ll love this recipe. It’s a great loaf for snacking, or to accompany a meal.

What’s interesting about this recipe is the cheese isn’t only sprinkled on top. It’s incorporated throughout the entire loaf.

65. Sourdough Brownies

Brownies and sourdough may not be your first thought. However, sourdough has a way of adding a sweet flavor to chocolate desserts.

If you’re looking for a delicious, chocolatey, and moist dessert, try this recipe.

66. Sourdough Tortillas

Homemade tortillas are delicious, easy to make, and frugal too. But what if you want a little more flavor in your tortillas?

Well, you follow this recipe. It adds some extra flavor because it includes a sourdough starter.

67. Sourdough Noodles

I hadn’t considered creating sourdough noodles. Thankfully, someone did because now we have this delicious recipe.

The next time you’re in the mood for a fabulous Italian dinner, reach for this recipe. You’ll enjoy the unique flavors.

68. Sourdough Focaccia Bread

Do you like focaccia bread? Are you unsure of how to make it? Well, you’ve come to the right place.

Here’s a pleasing recipe for sourdough focaccia bread. It not only gives you a great tutorial but also a video to help you along the way.

69. Overnight Sourdough Cinnamon Rolls

I love homemade cinnamon rolls. I love this recipe even more because it not only creates homemade cinnamon rolls, but they can be made overnight.

However, they take things even a step further and add sourdough to these delicious homemade cinnamon rolls. Get your taste buds ready to be rocked.

70. Morning Glory Sourdough Muffins

If I had a favorite breakfast muffin, morning glory muffins would probably be it. I love the shredded carrots, seeds, and fruit.

But this recipe is even better because these muffins aren’t plain morning glory muffins. They have sourdough added to them for an extra flavor boost.

71. Sourdough Bagels

Are you a bagel person? They’re great with cream cheese or for being made into delicious breakfast sandwiches.

Either way, you’ll love this recipe for sourdough bagels. They’ll make an excellent choice for your breakfast.

72. Sourdough Pizza Crust

Pizza is a dinnertime favorite around my household. I have picky eaters, but they don’t fuss when it comes to pizza.

Well, why not add a little more flavor to your pizza by using this recipe for a delicious sourdough pizza crust?

73. Sourdough English Muffins

English muffins are another breakfast favorite of mine. I love how great they are with some butter spread on top.

They’re also a great choice for honey or jam. Not to mention the delicious breakfast sandwiches they make. Try this recipe for sourdough English muffins the next time you’d like one for breakfast.

74. Sourdough Pretzels

When I was in high school, I loved hanging out at the malls. It was common for my friends and me to grab a delicious sourdough pretzel and window shop.

Well, you can now indulge in these delicious soft pretzels without leaving the comfort of your home thanks to this recipe.

75. Basic Sourdough Recipes for Bread

You can’t list delicious sourdough recipes without including a recipe for basic sourdough bread. This recipe is excellent for making sandwich bread.

The next time you have a desire for a delicious sandwich, don’t run to the store. Reach for these sourdough recipes and your sourdough starter.

Well, you now have 75 different sourdough recipes. This should keep your oven busy for quite a while, but your stomach, eyes, and nose should be very content.

It’s our hope you’ll find great success in your baking endeavors with sourdough. Good luck!


  • 3 cups All Purpose Flour (Maida)
  • 1-1/2 teaspoons Active dry yeast
  • 1/4 cup Curd (Dahi / Yogurt) , whisked
  • Salt , as required
  • 1/2 teaspoon Sugar
  • 8 cloves Garlic , ground
  • 2 tablespoon Butter (Salted) , softened
  • Lukewarm Water , as required For the topping
  • 6 cloves Garlic , finely minced
  • 2 teaspoons Coriander (Dhania) Leaves , chopped
  • 1 teaspoon Mint Leaves (Pudina) , chopped
  • 2 tablespoon Butter (Salted) , melted

30 Slow-Cooker Breads That Honestly Kind of Blow My Mind

I’m no stranger to a Crock-Pot, but I’m pretty new to the world of slow-cooker bread recipes. I’ve had my slow-cooker for years, and I use it regularly it for everything from braised meats to root vegetable soups to weekly batches of chicken stock…the list goes on. But “baking” in the slow-cooker? That’s something I never thought to try—until recently, that is.

Like most people, I love bread. Eating bread, that is. It’s never been my friend in terms of baking it from scratch. Quick breads like banana bread, pumpkin bread and cornbread are easy enough, but I can never quite get the yeasted stuff to come out right, so I’d all but given up on the idea of making breads at home. Then, someone suggested I try my luck with slow-cooker breads, and everything changed. Suddenly, my yeast-related struggles were over, and I found myself looking up as many slow-cooker bread recipes as I could find, excited to try (and succeed at) them all. I won’t lie, I was also pretty excited to have an excuse to eat lots of bread.

From my trial and error, I’ve certainly acquired a few favorite recipes. The below 30 slow-cooker bread recipes range from sweet quick breads to savory yeasted breads, so you’re bound to find whatever it is you’re looking for. The process of making each one is a little different, but all are a little more foolproof thanks to the slow-cooker cooking method. If you’re skeptical, go ahead and give one a try—I bet you’ll become a fan.

Watch the video: Caramelized Onion Bread Recipe (July 2022).


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