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Lagerfeld & Valentino's Favorite Designer Tackles Perini Navi's New 197-Foot Superyacht

Lagerfeld & Valentino's Favorite Designer Tackles Perini Navi's New 197-Foot Superyacht

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The Seahawk, recently launched by Perini Navi (the Italian shipyard famed for the Maltese Falcon), is undoubtedly the best-looking new sailing yacht on the seas. The first of the firm’s new generation of superyachts, this vessel blends a beautiful design with exceptional performance and cutting-edge technology.


The interior is by French designer Christian Liaigre, who is known for his ultra-luxe minimalist chic aesthetic and has an A-list clientele featuring Valentino, Karl Lagerfeld, and Calvin Klein. Liagre has only designed a handful of yachts, but one of which was for media mogul Rupert Murdoch. With newly-designed mechanics and a re-configured aluminum hull, Seahawk sets a new standard for comfort, stability and maneuverability, says Superyacht Times.

For the first time on a Perini Navi vessel, carbon fiber was used for the standing rigging, which is a major technological advancement. Liagre created a refined and extremely elegant contemporary interior, incorporating traditional maritime elements.

The principal areas on Seahawk’s main deck are the dining room, living room and office, situated around a central staircase which unites the yacht’s three decks. The lower of which has four en suite guest cabins and a full-beam owner’s suite, accommodating up to 12 guests. The yacht is capable of reaching a top speed of 15.5 knots (around 17.8mph).

While the new yacht’s owner has remained anonymous, some insiders speculate it was built for Rupert Murdoch, as he recently sold his Liagre-designed Perini Navy yacht built eight years ago.

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