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Katie Rosenhouse’s Doughnuttery in Chelsea Market

Katie Rosenhouse’s Doughnuttery in Chelsea Market

Katie Rosenhouse — culinary consultant, pastry chef, winner of Food Network’s Sweet Genius, and now partner in a mini donut concept in New York City's Chelsea Market. Along with finance and consulting whiz Evan Feldman, Rosenhouse launched Doughnuttery Dec. 1, 2012, only two short months after they met.

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The story goes like this: Feldman decided to go into the family tradition of opening a bakery, but wanted to bring in an expert to consult on the menu. A fan of the show Sweet Genius, he Googled "pastry chef Sweet Genius," and the rest is history — when the pair met, they hit it off right away, and the consultancy turned into a partnership.

Doughnuttery donuts are fun-sized because "all things are cuter in mini," as Rosenhouse says. It’s also built on her belief that dessert has a tendency to get humungous and overwhelming, but mini donuts are great anytime, whether it’s breakfast or a snack throughout the day. These bite-sized treats are sold by the half-dozen or dozen, (more or less) fried to order in trans-fat free shortening to ensure each customer gets the "hottest, freshest donut possible." Rosenhouse and Feldman are committed to putting out a product that "looks fantastic, is really fun, and is going to taste delicious."

The dynamic duo serve up classics like cinnamon sugar, powdered, and old-fashioned glazed, as well as 12 gourmet flavors with specialty infused sugars. Popular flavors include PBCP, a combination of peanut butter, cayenne, and pretzel; the creatively named Purple Pig — maple, purple potatoes, and bacon — as well as Paris Time, inspired by its namesake with an infusion of lavender, pistachio, and vanilla sugar. Customers can also choose from three fantastic DoughDips to dip their donuts into — pumpkin beer caramel, toffee sauce, or raspberry balsamic. (Luckily, these donuts are the perfect size to eat in three bites, so you can taste all three.)

The 12 specialty sugars all sound like hits, but there were also some not-so-shining-stars thrown around in developing the menu. Rosenhouse admits there was something "smoked salmon-y" that might’ve just been a poor idea. She also tried to incorporate Pop Rocks, but "it didn’t translate well." However, Rosenhouse is determined to figure it out, saying, "It’s my daily struggle to get Pop Rocks [on a donut]."

Paris Time is Rosenhouse’s favorite flavor on the menu, because "Paris is my favorite place in the world." She says. The Daily Meal doesn’t like to play favorites, but let’s just say the PBCP donuts disappeared as quickly as they appeared. Regardless of what flavor you choose, these piping hot bites have a great, light texture to them and the flavors in the infused sugars come through surprisingly well. The best part? The donuts are so lightly fried, they don't even leaving grease marks on the county-fair-esque brown paper bags they’re served in — no nasty puddles of oil here.

So what’s in the future for Rosenhouse and Feldman, donut extraordinaires? Phase Two involves an official display case, with gourmet decorated donuts sold solo. Rosenhouse wants them to be like a "plated dessert on a donut," creating a balance between the current rustic model and the sophisticated presentation that will be displayed in the case. Also, don’t forget about those Pop Rocks — they’ll be on the menu if Rosenhouse has anything to say about it!

Can’t get enough of Doughnuttery? Check out our slideshow for a behind-the-scenes look, and if you’re ever in New York City, these donuts are definitely worth a detour to Chelsea Market.

Marilyn He is a Junior Writer for the Eat/Dine section of The Daily Meal. Follow her on Twitter @Marilyn_He.

Fruit n’ Fireworks

Sorry I’ve been away for so long, but now I’m back for good. One of my Favorite time of the year is July 4th. I look forward to Macy’s Firework here in New York and it’s a spectacular show to see. The technology they use is amazing! From stars, planets, and different types of shapes.

This dessert will truly make you like a star this 4th at your party. This dessert won’t keep you in the kitchen all day, you will have still have time to entertain. This is a no bake, refreshing treat you can serve this before or after they eat all you need is fresh blueberries, strawberries, H20melon, white and blue candy melts or Wilton’s Candy blue Candy Colors set.

Use a metal star shape cookie cutter if you don’t have one plastic is fine. I didn’t have any silver stars edible glitter so I used silver disco dust.

2 packs of white and blue candy melts enough 30-35 strawberries

fresh fruit blueberries, strawberries, and watermelon

1. Dip strawberries 2/3 deep in melted white candy. Chill on wax paper-covered cake board until firm. Actually, I used toothpicks and dipped it in the stem of the strawberries and turn it upside and place the pick in a styrofoam block.

2. Melt blue chocolate or use blue candy color in the white candy melts. Dip strawberries 1/3 deep in melt blue candy. Immediately sprinkle with edible glitter. Chill until firm.

3. Cut watermelon into 3/4 in. thick slices. Cut stars using second smallest or third cutter from the set. Place blueberries, watermelon stars and strawberries in a serving dish.

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Mouth Full of (Glazed) South

Key West, FL

A year ago, I found myself in Key West for a friend’s wedding. They have key lime pie flavored everything down there, so I figured there had to be a key lime donut somewhere. On a walk back to the hotel from the marina, I spotted Glazed and promptly noted it in my brain for the next morning.

Self-dubbed the “Southernmost Donut Shop in the Continental US,” Glazed is just off the main drag on Eaton St. They pride themselves on using seasonal ingredients and hand making each donut from scratch. Most of the donuts are fruit-based and seasonal, but they have some of the traditional flavors too.

I broke the mold and got 4 donuts, since my wife was there to help me consume: The Strawberry Bullseye, the Pineapple Brulee, the Glazed, and the Key Lime Pie.

All 4 selections were yeast donuts. The Strawberry Bullseye was a good start, and the jelly tasted fresh, not processed. The Glazed was pretty standard. The Key Lime Pie donut got high marks for presentation with its golden brown toasted marshmallows on the top, a light glaze on the outside. The key part was the ample amount of key lime filling in the middle, which sat in the glass case beckoning every customer. It tasted just like a key lime pie, but the filling was a little too much. It overpowered the donut. The clear winner was the Pineapple Brulee. The flavor was awesome, the donut was soft, and the crunchy pineapple flavored sugar on the top was the perfect touch. Definitely worth a trip if you find yourself in the keys.

420 Eaton St.

[Photo credits: The Donut Hunter]

Step Aside Mr Softee

Carpe Donut
New York, NY

You know on those September days where it’s still hot and summery during the day and cool and crisp at night? That’s what the FroDo is like…straddling summer and fall with its refreshing vanilla ice cream on the inside and its outer layer of an apple cider donut. Some of the other establishments that make a FroDo don’t have both elements compliment each other like the vanilla and apple cider do….instead opting for a plain, old fashioned donut with an interesting ice cream flavor in the middle. This makes the ice cream the hero and the donut the side kick, versus giving the donut the spotlight (an exception being vanilla ice cream in Peter Pan Bakery’s red velvet donut). And at places like Holey Cream in NYC, they let you pick your donut and icing/glaze/sprinkle toppings which can get super sweet and exceptionally messy. These FroDo’s keep much tidier. The perfect combination to slowly usher out summer and slide into fall.

Watch the video: NYC VLOG 2019. DAY 5: CHELSEA MARKET FOOD TOUR, THE VESSEL u0026 THE HIGHLINE PARK (September 2021).