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The Top Drink News of 2012

The Top Drink News of 2012

What you were (and weren’t) drinking this year

Find out what everyone was drinking (and not drinking) in 2012.

If we could walk through the past year with a drink in hand, we’d likely be walking through a graveyard of energy drinks, sports drinks, and sugary drinks. Bye, Big Gulp-sized Cokes (for New Yorkers, anyway). So long, Monster Energy Drinks and 5-Hour Energy shots. See you later, Gatorade.

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The world of science continued to come down hard on sugary drinks and caffeinated drinks this year, which began to shake up the beverage industry. Hard as they fought, the American Beverage Association couldn’t hold back the game-changing soda ban in New York City. And time will tell what the fate of energy drinks, linked to serious side effects and death reports from the FDA, will be in 2013.

Despite the doomsday warning from health experts, not every notable piece of news for drinks was bad in 2012. Starbucks shared its support for marriage equality, Obama jumped on the home-brewing wagon, and tea became the superhero of superfoods to fight diseases. We can all toast to a crazy year of drinks — without the Red Bull, of course. Click here to see the top drink news of 2012.

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