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PepsiCo’s 'Green' Potato Chip Production Line Opens in Wuhan, China

PepsiCo’s 'Green' Potato Chip Production Line Opens in Wuhan, China

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Pepsi opens sixth food manufacturing facility in China

Lays Numb & Spicy Hot Pot Flavor

In an effort to grow in the Chinese market, PepsiCo, Inc. announced the opening of its sixth food manufacturing plant in Wuhsan, China, Tuesday.

The new "green" plant in Wuhan will follow conditions established by Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, a green building standard. The plant is projected to use 30 percent less water and 2 percent less energy than some of the company’s other facilities in the region.

The PepsiCo plant will produce China’s top-selling potato chips with locally popular flavors like "numb and spicy hot pot" and "hot and sour fish soup." PepsiCo, Inc.’s brands include Lay's, Frito-Lay, and Gatorade. The plant’s production lines have the capacity to produce approximately 15,000 tons of Lay’s potato chips a year.

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